Somehow 17 months got away from me, and I was unable to update you as far as the girls went. 16 months seems so far away, and the girls have grown leaps and bounds in the last two months. Houston, we have two toddlers on our hands… and wow, toddlerhood is a whole new realm of parenthood. Can I get an “amen”, parents? ;)

January 26, 2015 400

Brooklyn Grace

Oh, my sweet and independent little lady. While you’re no “peanut”, I am starting to believe that you might just become one if you don’t start eating! You are starting to worry your mama – at your 15 month appointment you were about 24 pounds, and you are still teetering in between 24.5-25 pounds. While you’ve always been a picky little thing, you’ve gotten even pickier… if that’s even possible. I don’t even try to fight most nights at dinner anymore – it’s not worth the battle with you! Typical staples that used to be your favorites are foods that you now turn your nose up to – pasta with marinara sauce being one of them. The only foods that I can truly say that you always eat without a fight is peanut butter and jelly as well as the green smoothie that Nana brings over every single morning for you to share with your sister.

photo 5 (13)

While you’ve always been more apt to play by yourself rather than play with your sister and Aubrey, you certainly like to plop yourself down near an adult to play. You have always been so interested in how things work, and that certainly has not changed. You can sit for hours at a time working on the same “project” before you move onto the next thing. Currently, you love to build towers out of your Duplo blocks – the taller, the better! But you’re not one to just put a new block on top and go on to the next one. Oh no, you twist that block onto the top to make sure that it is perfectly aligned. You certainly have your daddy’s mind, that’s for sure. Not only do you love building, but you LOVE Aubrey’s princesses with clip on dresses that she brings over almost every day. Nana tells me that you can sit with the same dress for 45 minutes…pull the dress off, hand it over so it can be put back on, pull the dress off, hand it over so it can be put back on…. continue this process for 45 minutes.

 photo 1 (51)

Your other favorite activity these days has been running away from whoever is trying to get to you. ;) You love to run down the hall and screech for all to hear and hope that you aren’t caught (spoiler alert… you’re not very fast – you get caught every time.). You also love to close doors – your favorite being your bedroom door. You have the funniest side smile whenever you know you’re not supposed to be doing something. There have been many times where I have opened the door to your bedroom to find you reading on the floor with the goofiest grin on your face because you know you’re not supposed to be by yourself.

We have started giving you little “chores” around the house. You LOVE garbage. I noticed about a month ago that you picked something up from the floor and brought it into the kitchen and tried to put it into the sink. While the details were a bit off, you got the jist of it. One of your favorite chores is throwing away your diapers – better you than me! You also help us “clean” your tray with a wipe, and I can sometimes coerce you into cleaning up some of your toys. You’d rather make a mess with those, however. :)

While you haven’t really been one to throw a tantrum, you definitely let us know when you’re not happy, especially when you’re tired. There have been a few times at dinner when you have just screamed bloody murder because you are done and sleepy. I know exactly when you’re mad too – you refuse to come and sit by me or be consoled by anyone. The funny thing is, you’ll keep walking back over to make sure someone looks over at you so you can start the whole process again. Mommy doesn’t fall for that one, my dear. You certainly are sensitive though. Your lips start to quiver and you scream whenever Daddy reprimands you…. or your sister. You can’t stand Daddy’s “discipline” voice. I need him home all the time – you could care less if I discipline you!

photo 2 (48)

You still only have six teeth, and there are no more in sight any time soon. I thought for a few weeks that you weren’t sleeping well because you were teething, but no dice. Apparently you were just under the weather and that was affecting your sleep. I’m glad your sleep habits are back intact – you were getting a little too comfortable coming into our bed at night when we just couldn’t stand the screaming any longer. Call us weak, but you loved sleeping with us on and off for a few weeks… so much, in fact, that when I finally pulled the plug on that sleeping arrangement, you woke up one night for some snuggles and I held/rocked you in front of your crib and you kept pointing to Mommy and Daddy’s room. I know your games, little miss!

Phones have been your favorite for MONTHS, but you now love to have full conversations via phone calls or Facetime with others. It’s your favorite! You also love showing us the motions for “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes” if we start to sing it. You mostly show us “head” and “mouth”, but it always gets a smile going on your face! Your personality grows by the minute, and I am so enjoying being your mama.

Emerson Faith

Oh my little dare devil. You never stop moving, little girl – and it’s safe to say that you have picked up your mother’s gene for being a tad bit clumsy and accident prone. Not only did you have your first visit to the emergency room this past month for six stitches in your forehead, but you are ALWAYS falling over. ALWAYS. Sometimes it’s because you’re trying to balance yourself by standing on books. Sometimes it’s because you’re just standing… yup, you fall when you’re standing. It always seems that you hit your forehead during your falls too. Oy. It probably doesn’t help that you love to look up at the ceiling and turn yourself around in circles so you can get dizzy…. or that you’ve developed a love for walking backwards.

photo 2 (49) 

You have gotten more picky over the course of the past few weeks, but thankfully now that you’re feeling better it seems to have passed. You typically will try something on your plate and either go back for some more or shake your head with a firm “no” because you do not want any part in it…. or we could figure it out for ourselves because the food ends up on the floor for Charlie. photo 5 (18)

We have really been working hard on sharing, taking turns, and using “nice hands” lately. You have gone into full blown toddler tantrum mode more times than I can count. I’m talking throwing toys, hitting others, and throwing yourself down to the floor. Oh, it’s been a real treat my dear. I think the real problem lies in the fact that you understand so much, but it’s hard for you to communicate with us what you really want. That, or you just don’t want to share with your sister. There have been many times where I have found Brooklyn flat on her back with you screaming over her because you had pulled/pushed her down. Beasty girl! ;) We have started removing you from the situation and putting you into the corner for a break. It only lasts for about 30 seconds before you totally lose interest and your pout goes away (thank goodness). I wish I could say that us speaking very firmly to you helps the situation and that you’re affected by it, but you are SO not. You could care less if we reprimand you for doing something you weren’t supposed to. I’m pretty sure you find it a little funny.

photo 4 (24)

You absolutely love helping Mommy around the house. You always help me put toys away – especially the blocks – and you love throwing things into the garbage as well as “cleaning” things with a rag or a baby wipe. You always let us know when there’s a problem with your “uh oh” and pointing (this also includes when you’ve pushed your sister to the floor). You have been and continue to be a little love bug. You always want hugs and kisses, including when we Facetime Aubrey on days that you don’t get to see her.

You are finally getting your animal sounds down pat. In the past when we’ve asked you what different animal sounds are, you have always panted like a dog. Now you can make sounds for a fish, wolf, dog, cow, duck, and elephant (which sounds like “whoooooooaaaaa!”). Whenever you play with something, it’s never for long – you are always playing with things hastily and quickly, moving from one thing to the next within seconds. I can’t say you’re particularly gentle with your toys either. Actually, gentle isn’t in your vocabulary yet. :)

All of a sudden, you have a mouthful of teeth. You have four on the top, four on the bottom, and almost all of your one year molars. Those molars have been giving us grief for weeks! Your drooling is out of control, and your fingers are always in your mouth. It’s not out of the ordinary for you to wake up at night at some point either because your teeth are bothering you. I’m hoping the last halves of two of your molars pop through soon – they’re killing us!

Your silly faces and over the top facial expressions kill me every day. You are such a sweet girl and continue to make me smile on a second by second basis. Stay sweet baby doll!

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