A little over a week late, but the girls are 10 months old! Where is the time flying? Not only are they growing at lightning speed, but they are on the go ALL the time…. which is why the only picture I got of them together this time is this one.

July 9, 2014 021

Yes, my children are trying to eat paper.


July 9, 2014 032

You are so funny, sweet girl. I have loved watching you learn new things this past month. I swear it’s like you’ve gone from a teeny baby to almost a toddler overnight. You are determined to walk, that’s for sure. Your favorite thing to do right now is stand, turn around and look for someone, and reach out for them because you want to practice walking. It won’t be long before I can see you taking off on your own!

Your separation anxiety from me has lessened this past month. Although you still prefer me to just about anyone else, you’ll go to almost anyone without crying. You are so easily amused, Miss Emerson. We are constantly laughing because YOU are constantly laughing. I have to say though, now that you have two tiny little teeth poking through on the bottom, I sure am going to miss your gummy smile.

Second to standing, your other favorite thing to do is eating. It doesn’t matter what kind of food it is – you want it all. Lord have mercy if I am giving anything to your sister – you need a bite too. Right now your favorite foods include…. just about anything. I have to say that it’s hard to pinpoint what you truly can’t live without because you get excited about it all! The last time we checked at the doctor, you were weighing in at 20.5 pounds (this was about 2 weeks ago?), so I’m sure you’re just about up to 21 pounds by now.

You were in the lake this past weekend when we were in Michigan for the first time. You are truly the epitome of a water baby. Your legs were kicking, your arms were moving, and you would not stop giggling. It was adorable.

July 7, 2014 011

This month you decided you knew how to wave – and I won’t lie, it’s incredibly cute. Instead of just waving with one hand, the majority of the time you flap both your arms up and down at the same time which just about propels your entire body up in the air if you are sitting down. Also new this month was clapping. It’s not quite as consistent as your wave, but you will do it every once in a while. I am utterly amazed at how quickly you pick things up. The other day after I gave you a bath, I said “brush your hair”, and helped you use a brush to comb through it. The next time I gave you a bath, I told you to “brush your hair” when I was drying you off, and you immediately starting to comb through your hair. You amaze me, little lady!

I have loved watching your sweet and caring personality emerge. You are always so concerned about others, especially your sister. She has had a rough past couple of days, and every time she starts to cry, you are right there. Typically your hands end up on her head and you “talk” to her to let her know everything is okay. You also still go in for hugs and kisses all the live long day. You are quite a cuddler.

July 9, 2014 022

Some day I know I’m going to be dropping a lot of money on dance and music lessons – because you are quite the mover and shaker! If there’s music, you’re dancing. If there’s a song on, you’re singing. You are quite a little diva!


July 9, 2014 008

My little firecracker. You, my sweet Brooklyn, are typically the quieter of the two of you. However, and that’s a BIG however, you make up for it with your strong personality. You never forget to let me know how you reeeeaaallly feel about a situation if you’re not okay with it. Most of the time though, you are. You are so content and you go with the flow of life.

You’re still toothless, and I really cannot see any coming through. Earlier this week I thought you might have been cutting one, but after a few incredibly fussy days and refusing to eat anything (with BIG tears every time we tried), we took you to the doctor and figured out you had a case of Hand Food and Mouth Disease. My poor Brooklyn – I’m hoping you get over it soon. It makes me so sad to see you hurting and not like yourself. Unfortunately, we learned it’s been going around the church nursery. The only perk is that you love to cuddle with your mommy right now. You’re usually on the go and wanting to play independently.. but the last few days you have been close to my side.

Last month you were just starting to army crawl all of the place, and I am happy to say that you are really crawling now. You’re quite happy to just sit and play, but if there’s an adventure to be had with your sister (because let’s face it – she always wants to go on an adventure) , you’re right there with her. You are happy to do your own thing. You do you, Brooklyn Grace. I hope you always have that type of personality.

You have a love for glasses – sunglasses, regular glasses… you don’t discriminate. Your eyes light up sometimes when I pick you up, and then I see your eyes dart towards the top of my head. Aaah, yes.. the sunglasses. You don’t fool me baby doll. I know you just want my glasses!

July 7, 2014 097

You are still an early bird and wake up around 6 each morning. I think you’re pulling a fast one one me because when we were in Michigan you slept until 9… TWICE! We need to get that going on over here now as well. It’s not that I don’t love your early morning “ba ba ba’s” – because I do. I’d just like to roll over and see the number “7” on my clock once in a while. ;)

Brooklyn, you just gave me a wave earlier today. I think I screamed because I was so happy. Although I know exactly what you were thinking when it happened. “Duh Mom – I’ve been able to do it all this time. I just haven’t WANTED to do it. Leave me be.” That is totally you…. you do things on your own time, stubborn child. It probably doesn’t help that both of your parents are utterly stubborn in every aspect of their lives. You got both of our stubbornness, that’s for sure. You are such an observer, and I think you internalize and think about things a lot before you act on them. That is SO your father – he’s not a talker, he’s a thinker. I can definitely see a lot of him in you these days.

Your favorite thing to do these days is stand by your activity table. Thank goodness too, because we needed to strengthen those leg muscles! Nana resorted to calling you “floppy disk” and I lovingly called you “jello legs” for a while.

You are definitely a daddy’s girl, through and through. While you love me, you want nothing more than to sit with your daddy after he gets home from work. I love watching the two of you together! You are such a happy and content girl. I can’t wait to see what this next month brings.

July 9, 2014 004

July 7, 2014 012


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July 7, 2014 024

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June 16, 2014 110

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Girls May-June 2014 154

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