fun facts friday

November 21, 2014

1. Chicago has been bitterly cold this week – like, January style temperatures. I don’t think the wind chill has gotten up past 10! All I have to say is, at least I don’t live in Buffalo, NY!

2. MOCKINGJAY!!!! Anyone else going to see it over the weekend? My mom and I are going tonight, and I’m planning on seeing it again with John sometime as well. He didn’t get into the movies until recently (because I made him watch them) and now he wants to see the new one. Sorry bud, someone has to watch the kids tonight! ;)

3. I have had this ongoing headache for about three weeks. Guys, it’s not fun. At first I thought it was something I was eating – nope. So I’m heading to the doctor today to see what’s up. I have a suspicion my thyroid medication might need to be tweaked. I have also had issues with my Vitamin D levels in the past, so I’m hoping to get those checked out as well. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this soon, because I can’t stand headaches.

4.Who else is beyond pumped that Thanksgiving is less than a week away? Me me me! It’s always a crazy, hectic day because we go two places for dinner and dessert, but I love seeing both sides of our family that day. 

5. If you haven’t yet taken my survey, do you mind spending 2 minutes doing so? I’m going to close it up after the weekend and share the results with you next week!

6. Remember how I got up 3 times last week to work out? This week I’m up to… Womp womp. Maybe it’s the cold weather, maybe I’m lazy – but I just could not get myself up.

7. Poor Brooklyn had a fever Wednesday evening and through the night. I’m pretty sure it was due to teeth. It looks like she’s going to get all four top teeth at one time. Yikes! The poor thing was pathetic – she woke up crying at 2 AM after her medicine wore off, so I went into her room. She didn’t even lift her head up when I came in but was still crying. She needed some mama snuggles.. and I’ll happily give them!

8. Yesterday morning when I was reading blogs while eating breakfast, my Bloglovin’ feed was a little confused…. –1 unread posts?? So weird.

photo (81)

9. Amber shared a GREAT list of discounts for some of my favorite shops for the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Does anyone else participate in Shop Small Saturday? I love that day!!

10. Have a great weekend everyone!


gift guide for her – christmas 2014

November 20, 2014
infinity scarf

Anyone else always at a loss for when your family members ask what you want for Christmas? Yeah, me too. I always give it a little thought about a week before Christmas because the Husband needs (aka: wants) a detailed list with links to what I want. I can’t say I blame him – I […]

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comforting meals in one pot

November 19, 2014

  Check out Only One Pot Needed: 12 Recipes that Won't Disappoint by Chelsey at You guys seriously rock. I can’t wait to share my survey results with you sometime next week and give you some of my ideas for future posts. One thing that was quite evident is that you guys like recipes […]

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chiberia & reader survey

November 18, 2014

Well, it’s finally happening. Chicago is bringing me to my breaking point. Anyone looking for any extra roommates? Two of us may be tiny little (cute) terrors, and one of us is also furry and has four legs. But Chicago (aka Chiberia) isn’t doing it for me anymore. Can we just talk for a second […]

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scenes from the weekend & meals for the week

November 17, 2014
photo 1 (25)

Why do these weekends always fly by so quickly? In good news, there’s only one full week left of school until I get to spend a few extra days with my little family for Thanksgiving break next week! I only have to get through report cards and two nights of conferences to get there! This […]

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fun facts friday

November 14, 2014
photo 1 (24)

1. I have to tell you about how much of a character my niece Aubrey is. First of all, do you remember when she was an itty bitty baby? She’s now three and so stinking funny. The other day I came home from school and she gave me a picture she drew (see below). I […]

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baby fashion q&a

November 13, 2014
November 9, 2014 143

I am pretty surprised how often and how many questions I get on where I get my little fashionistas’ clothing. I have almost no fashion sense at all, and what I have is never used on me. It’s funny – when I go shopping these days, I rarely look at things for myself. I head […]

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family dinners

November 12, 2014
photo 3 (14)

Favorite time of my day right now? Sitting down to dinner, all four of us. Together! I know, I can’t believe it either. It took us a long, long time to get to this point. When the girls were a little younger, they ate dinner a little earlier, so John was never home to eat […]

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day in the life

November 11, 2014
photo 1 (21)

4:17 AM – Alarm goes off to work out. Hah. That’s not happening. Set another alarm for 5:20. Wait.. did my children really sleep all night? Look at monitor. Haven’t moved a muscle. Success! 5:20 AM – Get out of bed, make bed in the dark, hop into the shower. 5:40 AM – Feeling lazy, […]

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scenes from the weekend 11.7-11.9

November 10, 2014
November 9, 2014 400

What a weekend! I love weekends that have the best mix of busyness and time to relax, and this weekend was just that! Friday Before I even got home from school, I made a quick little stop at the Black Hole, aka Target. I had to pick up a few things for the girls, and […]

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