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September 25, 2010

September 25, 2010 001

Did you know that  A LOT of people leave their socks on the counter in the world? It is really quite convenient. Pot holder, kitchen counter rag, or.. just a decoration for fun. It’s even better when they’re extra big for extra the fun. All I can say is, at least they were clean Husband… at least they were clean. It also helps when the Husband foregoes his plans of going to bed to help you dry dishes because he feels bad that you’re “always in the kitchen cleaning”. I bring the messes upon myself though!

Anyways, moving on… today was probably one of the best Saturdays I have had in a long time. After my pancakes this morning (which I am glad you all thought looked delicious!), I  blogged, cleaned, did some laundry, and went for a quick 3.5 miler. I had plans with Mommasita today and was really excited. We used to spend most Saturdays together grocery shopping, doing lunch, and hanging out. We really haven’t had the opportunity to do this since the wedding.

I’ll be the first to admit that I really dislike gym shoes unless I’m running/hiking/etc. I would rather wear flats, boots… anything but gym shoes. This is why I love these….

September 25, 2010 010 

My rule of thumb? If I’m going to wear gym shoes, they better be Coach gym shoes.

We started off our morning by going to a bust of a farmer’s market in Bolingbrook. We thought it would be a good one because it’s held in a popular area, but it was horrible. So, we went to Whole Foods, which was conveniently a 15 minute drive away at that point! We only got a few staples here — I wanted to get some things from the bulk bins (quinoa, figs, etc.) and I decided my next bulk bin purchase is going to be millet. It is so cheap!

September 25, 2010 023

After we went to WF, we saw that is was almost lunch time. Since we were already in the area (kind of), we decided to go to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch. It was only right. It was pretty funny though. Mommaita said, “What are we going to do for lunch today?” We just both turned our heads slowly at each other with the same sheepish grin on our faces. What can I say? Like mother, like daughter.

Fortunately, on our way we passed through Downers Grove which has the most amazing Farmer’s Market ever!

September 25, 2010 025September 25, 2010 020 

I saw my fair of some crazy looking gourds!

September 25, 2010 021 

I think if there were a book along the same lines of “The Ugly Duckling” for pumpkins, this guy would have been the main character.


September 25, 2010 022 

They even had “market musicians”. I’m pretty sure they were high school students, but they were really good!

September 25, 2010 024 

If you’ve never heard of Sweet Tomatoes (or Soup Plantation), it is basically a Soup and Salad bar buffet…. aka: my dream come true.

Please don’t just me for my following plate plates. By plates I mean 3… and then maybe a little bit more.

September 25, 2010 026 

I don’t even know if my next plate even counts.. it was a side plate with beets, pickles, and sunflower seeds. Sometimes, you just need a little bit more room for those extras.

September 25, 2010 028 

I also had some amazing side salads — one was a roasted potato salad and the other was a bean and cilantro salad. Both were delicious!

September 25, 2010 029 

After lunch, Mommaista and I also went to Trader Joe’s(PUMPKIN BUTTER!!!) and Costco. I could spend all day grocery shopping and going to different stores.. which is why I loved my Saturday!

When I got home, I was feeling really ambitious. While I love loaves of bread, buying gluten free loaves can get really pricey. I’ve paid up to $8 for a pretty small loaf of bread.

Now, let it be known that I have never dabbled in the art of gluten free sandwich bread making… or any bread making in general. For some reason it has always really intimidated me. Perhaps it’s the whole “yeast” thing… I know all breads have yeast in them, but just the thought of baking with it kind of scares me.

However, I tried it out with a recipe I found online here. The website claims it is “really good sandwich bread”.

They did not lie.

September 25, 2010 031 

September 25, 2010 032 

September 25, 2010 033 

September 25, 2010 034 

Can you believe it? I did it!

September 25, 2010 035 

I will never buy a gluten free loaf again. Honestly — this was SO easy! If you’re afraid of making your own bread, don’t be! It was so simple!

September 25, 2010 037 

The Husband approved this bread too — he thought it was really good!

September 25, 2010 038 

I love how you can see the flax seed sprinkles in the loaf. Next time I think I will experiment with different seeds/grains in the loaf as well to bump up the nutritional values.

September 25, 2010 039 

For dinner, I busted out a new buy of mine Mommasita’s (which she so graciously bought for me — thanks Mom!). This dip was really good!

September 25, 2010 041 

The ingredient list was absolutely stellar as well. I know the “uses” says to add cream cheese, but I wish I had hummus on hand, because this would have made an awesome spread with hummus!

September 25, 2010 042 

For dinner, I roasted up some squash I bought at the farmer’s market. Remember when I had that huge “acorn squash” that fed the husband and I for 3-4 meals? I’m surprised no one corrected me, but it was actually a kobacha squash! I bought another one today and roasted about 1/4 of it using the same recipe as my Roasted “Acorn” Squash.

September 25, 2010 043 

On the side I had an open faced sandwich on my gluten free loaf (it was still warm, yum!) with the artichoke spread, mustard, and many veggies.

September 25, 2010 044

After dinner, I did some more…. baking! I’ve been a baking fiend this weekend — I finished up the night with the Husband’s cookies (I bake a batch every week so I don’t have to buy cookies) and a cake for my niece’s birthday tomorrow.  Needless to say, I was wiped out when it was all said and done.

The husband and I just snuggled up and watched a movie… but we watched it on his laptop. I found it to be hilarious we were watching a movie on the laptop when we have this:

September 25, 2010 045

Do you see that nice TV in the background? Unfortunately, my sister is hoarding our DVD player cord somewhere in her house when she borrowed the DVD player for the kids one day. Oh well, it still worked and we got to watch the movie, no big deal!

It was a great day — I can barely remember the last time I had a “relaxing” Saturday where I could just do what I wanted to do!

I hope you all have been having a fabulous weekend!

Question: How many grocery stores do you go to while doing your weekly shopping? I go to anywhere from 1-4 stores — it depends on who has the best deals and what I actually need!

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