grocery shopping blues: week 4

February 20, 2011

Where in the heck did the month of February go?

I understand there is still one week left in the month, but as far as grocery shopping is concerned, we’re done for the month. It’s hard to believe that this month went by so quickly (well, duh — it’s the shortest month of the year). Spring will be here before we know it (Praise God!).

The fourth and final week of my grocery shopping for February was probably my worst when it came to getting the Husband’s food. I really try to make sure he gets all natural ingredients (because he won’t give up on the processed stuff or meat for that matter), but towards the end of the month, those products are far too expensive for my remaining money. Therefore, I buy ::gasp:: crap. It pains me to even say it, and I’m going to cringe the entire time he eats those Lucky Charms.

The goods this week:

  February 19, 2011 029

Store one = Jewel Osco

7 items for $16.86 with a total savings of $6.15

February 19, 2011 033

Let’s talk about these purchases for a moment. I am putting 3 of these items in the “want” category and not in the “need” category. Pumpkin? I wanted it. Kabocha? I wanted it. Okay, I neeeeeded it. Lucky charms? I didn’t want it, but you know who did.

Wal-Mart (I think my left eye twitched the entire time I was in that store — I’m not a fan of it or their company values.. whyyy did I go there?).

10 items = $26.56

BUT (there’s a big butt there) I bought toilet paper and paper towels, which I don’t categorize as “groceries”. Those are toiletries, and toiletries are not in my grocery shopping funds.

Therefore, I bought 8 items = $14.51

February 19, 2011 034

Again, I am ashamed of the overly processed Italian sausage I bought and the potato chips which have corn oil and unrecognizable spices. I am going to pat myself on the back for the lunchmeat though — no nitrates (and I used a coupon).

Store 3 = Aldi

13 items = $25.24

February 19, 2011 037

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Aldi has unbelievable produce if you’re not married to organic. Obviously the majority of the produce I will buy is organic, but towards the end of the month, it’s hard to make that fit into the budget.

Store 4 = Costco (Friday night). I bought spinach, hummus, and brussels sprouts for $14.

Overall total for week 4 = $70.61


I am really glad I did this challenge. Even if I didn’t succeed at meeting my goal of $250, it made me realize that I’m not crazy when it comes to my grocery shopping. I get what I need, and that’s it (for the most part). I was a little disappointed in my use of coupons over the past month. However, it just so happens that the groceries I buy on a normal basis are whole, unprocessed foods. A coupon for a bag of carrots? Yeah, I’ve never heard of that one either.

Another thing I realized is how low the Husband’s meat consumption has gotten since he has married me (sorry Johnny…). I only bought meat twice (aside from lunchmeat). He has been eating more vegetarian dishes that are “beefed” (ha!) up with vegetarian protein like beans and lentils (without complaining). I am a proud wife.

Overall for the month, I spent the following:

With a grand total of $288.09. Needless to say, the Husband and I have already talked about upping our grocery shopping funds to $300/month. That way, I am: a) not stressing out and b) able to buy some “fun” products for the two of us.

The whole point of this challenge was not to set out to spend a certain amount of money because we only have so much money for groceries. I can continually tell you that we have been blessed to have a home and be able to afford the groceries we want. The whole point of the challenge was for me to analyze our grocery spending habits.

Even though I failed epically, I still think I succeeded. Success through failure? Sure, why not!?

Question: Have you ever failed at something, but felt like you succeeded in the end?

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