fun facts friday… numero treis

September 2, 2011

1. It is amazing to me how much energy one measly glass of wine can do to me at 9:00 on a Thursday night. If you don’t believe me, please see the following tweets:

image image image image image 

2. Our parent open house night was last night. Wine explanation covered.

3. It is the Husband’s birthday tomorrow, which means he can’t throw it in my face about how I’m an old lady (24.. .really!?) anymore since now we’re going to be the same age again. He likes to let me know all the time about how I’m way older than him, when really I am all of six weeks older than him. Apparently those six weeks I was alive not only made me an old lady, but also wiser as well (or so I’d like to think).

July 4, 2011 051

4. Sometimes I realize I’m kind of a slacker blogger. Wonderful Jessica has put together a great Chicago meet up at the end of September at a Whole Foods in Chicago. Why am I not thinking to do things like this? I like friends.

5. We usually go out of town for Labor Day weekend, but I am so glad we aren’t. I have a long list of things I want to get done – such as: sleep, make delicious food, and perhaps sleep some more.

6. I finished the book A Stolen Life by Jacee Duggard. While it was absolutely heart wrenching to read what this girl went through, it was a must read. Right now, I’m reading Elizabeth Street which has been pretty good so far.

7. I need to stop letting my nails get so long. It makes me feel like I’m going to poke myself in the eye when I put in my contacts in the morning – and we all know how much I hate to wear my glasses. Not only that, but I start the really bad habit of picking at my nails which is oh so very lady like.

8. I can’t believe how fast this week went by. I swear just yesterday I woke up and it was Monday. If this is any indication of the following school year (I think it might be – busy busy busy!), I think I might kind of have a love/hate relationship with it.

9. Pancakes tomorrow. That is all.

August 13, 2011 023

10. I almost got into 4 accidents this morning on the way to school – and no, they were not my fault. I may have gone to bed late, but I was alert and reading to go on the road this morning. People are crazy in this city. (edit: this was a total typo and I meant to say I was “ready” to go this morning — but the typo is so funny that I can’t even correct it!)

11. This morning at Starbuck’s, the lady at the window forgot to give me a large straw (because a Venti was certainly needed), and I had to park in a handicapped space for two minutes to get a straw. I was feeling convicted, but now that I’ve let it out, I’m feeling a little bit better.

12. Cleaning my house is like the last thing on the list of things I really want to do night. But, apparently I don’t get to choose my fate in this one. Guess what I’m doing right now?

13. I’ve won like five giveaways in the last two weeks. Just call me Lady Luck.

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