fun facts friday… version 4.0

September 9, 2011

  1. As you might already know, my sister is very pregnant. She is due next Friday on 9/16/11. However, she is adamant about having that child on 9/10/11 for a specific reason. She got married on 6/7/08, and thinks it will be fun to have a baby (well, as fun as it can be) on 9/10/11. She’s got a little over 24 hours to pop that little girl out. Good luck with that one.
  2. I say “umm” way too much – and apparently don’t know how to look at a camera.
  3. Last night I got an intense craving for sushi, and I figured that since everywhere I look lately, someone has been eating sushi, I’m eating it tonight. In my car. When I pick my sister’s mother in law up from the airport. I’m classy like that.
  4. The thought about getting up later than 5:00 AM tomorrow morning is making my heart sing with joy. I won’t even get mad if I wake up at 5:30 tomorrow – wait, I take that back. Yes, I will.
  5. I want to eat these. And this. And some of this. Please and thank you. If you make something for me, I am absolutely certain that we can hang out, paint each other’s nails, and I’ll let you pick out a movie for us to watch. I’m big on Friday nights at home.
  6. Towards the end of the week, my brain is like mush. In fact, if I start to tell my students something on like Monday or Tuesday and my mind is so zonked that I can’t even formulate a correct sentence, they all know it will be a long week listening to me (try to) talk. Usually on Fridays I’ll have an excuse because well, it’s Friday – and no, my students do not sing that song. They actually aren’t allowed to sing that song. Per my request.
  7. I have this chipmunk that lives in my yard, and he is definitely overstaying his welcome. He has eaten all of my ripened tomatoes thus far, and Alvin is not on my good side. Charlie sure isn’t doing his job of scaring this little guy away either. Stupid chipmunk – I want my tomatoes.
  8. I’m writing this post on WordPress which is totally not fun, hence no pitures. Live Writer all the way.

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