is this for me?

October 5, 2011

Something happened today that had me downright speechless (which is pretty hard to do let me tell you). Today I went about my morning just like any other day. I broke my fast. I caffeinated hardcore. I drove to school and listened to a funny morning show, only dancing and singing if others could see me and laugh (for real, I do this). I went through a marathon of a morning with my fifth graders. When I finally sat down for lunch and checked my email, I saw one that immediately caught my eyes.

n-bestvegblog Um, are you for real? This email is for me? There has to be some mistake. But then, I saw this.

To say that I am honored and absolutely shocked that I was in the very least nominated for a Foodbuzz Award is an understatement. To be put into the same category as the other women nominated is incredible — many of the bloggers put on the list have been a huge inspiration as well as role models for me in the blog world since day one. I am the kind of person who, when I put my mind to something, makes sure that I do it right. I put so much hard work into CEC each and every day, and I am so glad you all enjoy coming here for a good laugh, a recipe, and obviously, vegetarian cuisine.

To all of you who put my name down and voted for me, I cannot thank you enough. You are the world’s best readers, and if I could make you all dinner every night, I probably would.

There’s good news if you’re feeling a little blue right now because you’re feeling like you wanted to vote for me but you didn’t know such an award existed. Voting for Foodbuzz Awards is open until Monday, October 17 at 5 PM PDT. You can vote here! I obviously would only want you to vote for me if you felt I was the best candidate, but I really appreciate all of you who do vote for me.

Thank you thank you thank you!

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