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October 19, 2011

Happy Hump Day! (Does anyone else get a little weirded out by that phrase like me?) For some reason, this week has been flying by, which is odd since last week was a shortened week and took forever.

So here’s the deal. Usually on Wednesday mornings, I tell you about all my meals I ate the day before, and you “ooh and aah” over everything I ate. I’m about to turn the tables on you though. We’re going to be playing a different “What I Ate Wednesday” game today. Instead of me telling you what I ate, you are going to have to use your brains and draw conclusions about what I ate based off of my pictures (am I a teacher or what?).

Are you ready?

Peas and Crayons

Breakfast — 5:45 AM

October 18, 2011 002

Lunch — 11:15 AM

A lot of you have been asking how in the world I make it from breakfast until lunch without having a morning snack. To be honest with you, I will sometimes have a morning snack. However, most mornings are so insane that I don’t even think to use the bathroom let alone put something else in my stomach. Fifth grade is pretty intense these days.

October 18, 2011 005 
Snack — 3:15 PM

September 6, 2011 004 

Dinner — 6:00 PM

September 28, 2010 018

with a side of…

October 9, 2011 008

… and maybe some dark chocolate

Snack — 8:30 PM

October 18, 2011 010

Notice the chip in my favorite coffee mug? ::tear::

Pick a meal — what did I eat?

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