spinach rosemary and tofu lasagna

November 1, 2011

Rule Number 23091 in marriage:

October 31, 2011 013 
Do not feel required to tell your husband what is in his lasagna.

There’s a reason for this. You see, as I was thinking about a new dish I wanted to make for us, I thought about how I wanted some good old comfort food. Some ooey gooey casserole that could feed us for days — basically meaning I didn’t have to wash a new dish for at least three days. That’s winning in my book. I went through all the basics and realized I make them or have made them in the recent past, which led me to my jaw dropping realization.

October 31, 2011 004
I have been gluten free for two years now, and I had yet to make a lasagna. I know, I know — pick those jaws up off the ground. I was a little scared for myself too. I made myself a promise that a lasagna would be made, and boy did it deliver. Although, as I was making the lasagna, I was cursing myself and remembering that the reason why I haven’t ever made a lasagna since becoming gluten free wasn’t because I didn’t want to have lasagna for dinner. It was because making lasagna is kind of a pain in the butt.

I spent my afternoon on Saturday making spaghetti sauce. I spent my afternoon on Sunday assembling this lasagna. I baked it on Monday. That’s a three day long project, folks. This was quite an achievement as knowing what I want to eat three days in advance is quite a feat.


October 31, 2011 002 
I don’t mean to scare you away from making lasagna — in fact, you should make it. You should really really make it. And then you should drizzle it with this hummus and nutritional yeast sauce I whipped up since I was wallowing in the fact that I couldn’t have hot toasty bubbling cheese on top of my lasagna. And then you should put a few sprigs of rosemary on top of it. And then continue to add more rosemary once you eat what you have on your plate. Because let’s be honest with ourselves, the rosemary makes this lasagna.

And you could totally make this in one day too. Especially if you have the sauce already made. But don’t use jarred sauce — please for the love of God don’t do that. Make your own. Freeze it. Pull it out when a recipe calls for jarred marinara. You’ll thank me later when you’re not attempting to eat enough after dinner chocolate to get the marinara jar taste out of your mouth. No? Just me? I swear I can taste the jar.

October 31, 2011 013
Anyways, back to why you shouldn’t feel the need to tell your husband what’s in his lasagna. He may think he ate ricotta, but in reality, he ate tofu. Don’t tell him he ate tofu. Just let him think whatever he wants and if he doesn’t say anything about how you are eating a lasagna made with ricotta when his wife doesn’t eat cheese, just go with the flow. Don’t ruin it for yourself. Smile as he gobbles up his plate and calls down the hall that dinner was “great” and he “loved the lasagna”. Yeah, I bet you loved that tofu lasagna, honey.

October 31, 2011 032
In the end, we both got our comfort food. I wore stretchy pants. I may have used my finger to clean my plate. I “mmm’ed” along with the Husband as we talked about our days. One thing we didn’t talk about? Tofu. And that is the secret to our happy marriage.

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