fun facts friday

November 4, 2011

1. I was supposed to be gallivanting around San Francisco right now at the Foodbuzz Festival. However, about a month ago my cousin asked me to be the godmother of her incredible sweet girl, Mia. Seeing as family always comes first, I canceled my flight and will be attending Mia’s christening on Sunday instead.


2. Is anyone else having an incredibly hard time waking up in the morning these days? I swear every day this week I have woken up and felt like I could sleep for at least three more hours. When I look in the mirror in the morning, I have been thinking ‘yikes!’. I can’t wait for Daylight Savings so I can fall back this weekend.

3. I have a list of older movies I really need to see – Fried Green Tomatoes and Sleepless in Seattle are on top of my list. I know, I know.

4. I have had no appetite lately. Like zero. None. Wednesday and yesterday were pretty boring because I didn’t want to eat at all, which is really really out of ordinary for me. Then, out of nowhere today — BAM! I want to eat everything in sight. Like if I didn’t eat every two hours, I felt like I could have gotten the shakes.

5. I could eat chili every day. Every. Single. Day.

6. The red cups are back. And it may or may not have forced me to get a second cup of coffee today. I just couldn’t resist.

7. My long run was H-A-R-D today. Really H-A-R-D. It was so H-A-R-D that I can’t even just spell the darn word the right way. No real knee/leg pain, but it was definitely a more labored run. I just kept thinking about pancakes to keep me going — no joke.

8. I think I’m about to go eat a whole avocado.

9. Random thoughts:

  • How much money is this supposed Bieber Baby Mama making off of all this publicity?
  • Are Kate and WIlliam really pregnant?
  • How soon can I go lay on my couch?
  • I’m not doing my dishes until tomorrow morning. Take that kitchen.

10. I’m working with Josh from JKS Productions tomorrow to make a few videos for the blog. Some cooking, some Q&A — anything you want answered or want to see? Let me know!

11. Happy Friday!

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