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November 11, 2011

1.  It snowed yesterday. It really and truly did. I looked out my classroom window at 2:00, and there were huge snowflakes falling from the sky at rapid speed. The house roofs were a crisp white. Then, the sun came out and it was all over and melted in a matter of 10 minutes. If snow is only there for 10 minutes, that means it didn’t happen and we still have yet to have our first snow. #myrules


2. I had quite a conundrum as to how I was going to complete my run today. There was no way in h-e- double hockey sticks I was going to run 10-11 miles on the treadmill — no way, Jose. I asked your opinions because I am a big old scaredy cat who didn’t want to run in the dark for 20 minutes by myself. Some of you told me to do half outside and half inside. Someone else told me to run 11 miles in 60 minutes (Thanks for the tip, Aubrey). Someone else (Lauren, I’m looking at you!) said I should just wake up at 3 AM to do it. Um, I ran it all outside. I was scared. I didn’t like it. But I did it — there was only 20 minutes in the dark. I can do that on sidewalks.

3. Let’s hear it for a weekend where I actually DON’T have anything to do — well minus the laundry, cleaning, and prep work for this upcoming week. But other than that, it’s a weekend all for me. I love the sound of that.

4. Can we all just stop and talk about how delicious Great Harvest’s gluten free Dakota Bread is for a moment? I bought a loaf (okay, my mom bought a loaf for me) yesterday and I ripped into it (quite literally) in the car on the way home. It is perfect. I love it. It’s only going to last like 30 more minutes. And let’s just pretend there’s no cornstarch in it, kay?

November 10, 2011 004

5. I bought some DIY lighting solutions this past week to help with the stinkin’ winter lighting that is occurring outside. More details to come — cheap and easy solutions, folks!

6. I am a chronic glove loser — needless to say, I wore two different gloves on my run today. And then I dropped one when I stopped to eat some sport beans. And then I had to back track. It was quite the debacle.

7. I’m ready for the Holidays — really ready. Like so ready that I want to pull out my Christmas decorations even though I know I would be cheating on Thanksgiving. I’m not into the turkey anyways, so does it really matter?

8. Thank you to all the veterans out there, including my brother in law, for everything they do each and every day for our country. I truly cannot express how much it means to me that you keep our country safe.

9.  Happy Friday!

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