7 miles + 5k = crazy lady

November 20, 2011

Yesterday was a great reminder of why I love the community I am a part of. As mentioned before, I was planning on running the Every Step Counts 5k in honor of two high school girls who were struck with unexpected illnesses and even more unexpected medical costs. (You can read more about their stories here).

When I mentioned the race earlier last week, my running buddy told me she would be there to run the 5k. Seeing as I had to make yesterday a 10 mile day, I asked her if she would be willing to run seven miles before the race with me. Katie ran a 10 mile race at Navy Pier last weekend, so she was fairly hesitant, but towards the middle of the week her legs were not as sore. Fresh legs = running buddy for me!


We met early at the race starting point, around 7 am, and I am pretty sure the workers who were setting up for the race thought we might be a little crazy. “Someone needs to tell those girls the race doesn’t start for 2 hours!” Little did they know, we were off on our own adventure for the next hour!

Those seven miles flew by, but we both felt like we were dragging. I never pay attention to my time when I am running with someone else — I always pay more attention to the company and the conversation instead. The wind was also pretty horrid, so when we finished our 7 miles in exactly 63 minutes, we were both surprised. 9:00 miles for 20 mph winds? We’ll take it!

We got back about 45 minutes before the 5K started, which was good since I am a procrastinator and did not sign up until the day of. What I was really trying to do was make sure I could donate an extra five dollars for the “day of” race fee. Regardless, I got my bib, my water bottle (I had to get a shirt after the race just in case they ran out). Katie and I had time to re-stretch, and I was able to introduce her to a lot of my family and friends. It was fun!

photo (3)

photo courtesy of Katie since my camera never left the car — Thanks!

When it was time for the race to start, Katie and I headed back outside and cursed ourselves for not bringing new shirts to change into for the race. We forgot that our sweaty shirts would make us quite cold when it came time for the 5k!

The 5k was really nice and well put together for a first year event put on by a youth group! There were volunteers helping at every turn to mark the course (which went mostly through neighborhoods) and they even had a water station halfway through. They really thought of everything!

Katie and I definitely ran the 5k for fun, but we really pushed it as well. Towards the third mile, I couldn’t wait for it to be over. There was a slight incline (like seriously, miniscule) in the last half mile that had me begging for mercy!

I have no idea what my time was, but I really wasn’t running for time. I was running to help support my community as well as a great cause! I have to say thank you to all the great volunteers who helped make this outstanding event a success — it was awesome!

After the race, Katie and I got stretched and we parted ways. I had a busy day planned, so it wasn’t until later I realized just how sore my legs really were!


Foam rolling and icing are in my near future.

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