fun facts friday – turkeyless edition

November 25, 2011

1. Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving? I did. It was filled with food (x2 meals), food, and a little bit more food. I’m glad I went with the leggings because by the time we left to go home, I’m pretty sure I had to be rolled out of my aunt’s house.

2. Speaking of Turkey Day food, we’re about to go for round two for leftovers at my aunt’s house. It is a day after Thanksgiving tradition around these parts, and the leftovers taste even better the next day.

3. The Husband and I are totally going to dominate at Scattergories tonight. Enough said.

4. I’ve been going strong since 2:30 this morning when the Husband and I went out for our yearly Black Friday shopping. You know that lady on the Target commercials? I strive to be like her. There was no pushing, shoving, or name calling either — and I have about 80% of my shopping done. It feels incredible.

5. I painted my own pottery today with my mother in law, sisters, and nieces. It was basically the best thing ever. I want to go every week. I can’t wait to get my snowman party platter back! Best $25 ever spent.

November 25, 2011 004

6. The Husband did not fall off the roof this afternoon hanging Christmas lights. I call that a success in the CEC household. He claimed putting a tired man on the roof was a disaster waiting to happen — I told him if he fell, I could claim it as an “accident”. True words, but totally joking — don’t misread this sarcasm.

7. My Christmas tree is up, and I have to say I love it. I’m glad we decided last year to go an “elegant” tree route — there will be time for keepsake ornaments when we have kids. Right now, I’m all about the red, silver, flowers, and berries.

November 25, 2011 006

8. Christmas decorating means my house currently looks like this. #tragic

November 25, 2011 009 November 25, 2011 008

9. I have been sooooo thirsty today. SO THIRSTY! Even though my stomach feels like it’s drowning in water, I can’t get enough. I think that is proof that I had quite a salt overload yesterday with Turkey(less) Day food. I’ll take it.

10. It’s time for me to confess to you that I have actually been listening to Christmas music for at least two weeks. I just couldn’t help myself.

11. I get to do another baby photo shoot with my Goddaughter Mia on Sunday — I’m so excited!

12. The pumpkin squares were a hit. And I want to eat at least 2 more tonight.

13. While the Husband and I managed to buy presents for others today, we also were able to snag a $140 alternative-down comforter for $20 at Carson’s. Our bedroom is insanely cold in the wintertime, and the extra layer will definitely help.

14. Apparently I have a lot to say today.

15. IT’S CHRISTMAS SEASON!!!!!! (x203920913)

16. I’m experiencing some hard core DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) from this workout and this workout that I paired together on Wednesday. Match that up with a 4 miler yesterday morning, and I can barely squat down to sit. #true story And I hope I can complete my 11 miler tomorrow. Oy.

17. Happy Friday!

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