bah humbug

December 14, 2011

Today, I had every intention to make a delicious treat to bring to my holiday party this evening.

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Santa Hat Brownies from Sweet Tooth

Seeing as I can’t have regular powdered sugar because powdered sugar is made from sugar and corn starch, on Saturday I went out to find some corn free powdered sugar from an Allergen free store around my house. Let me tell you first of all how excited I was that on their website, it was listed as one of the products they had in the store.

I got to the store, and they didn’t have any. #failone


Instead, I figured I could make my own with sugar and potato starch. So, I bought my potato starch that I only needed 1 tablespoon of and called it a day.

I figured it was a genius idea (as I think most ideas are until they smack me in the face), so I baked the brownies last night in an 8×8 pan only to decide later that I was stupid and should have made them in a mini muffin tin instead of having to cut them out myself. #failtwo

With that in mind, I still went to work at making my own frosting. Out came the turbinado sugar, the potato starch, the milk, the earth balance, and the vanilla.

I would like to share with you that turbinado sugar does not make for good frosting. Grainy brown sugar does not 1) look delicious and 2) grind up very well even with a processor. #failthree

Unfortunately, this means we all have to eat regular old brownies because I couldn’t think of anything else to act as a binder for the brownie and strawberry.

Bah humbug.

In other news, I have a winner of the Spencer’s Market giveaway! Congratulations to Evan @ Peaceful Owl Knits. Please email me to claim your prize!

Question: What was the last “stellar” idea you had only to have it blow up in your face?

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