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January 29, 2012

Over the weekend, I went where no man has ever gone before — the Lululemon Warehouse sale in Chicago. Aaand that first statement is a lie because I’m pretty sure everybody and their mother went to find some Lulu that was on sale.

I have never been to a warehouse sale before this, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. When I tried to find out what to expect from my good ole friend Google, I came up with absolutely nothing. Even when I asked people what the prices were like, everyone just told me it “was worth it”. Weellllll, “worth it” can mean many things depending on the person.

I know the sale is over — I’m not writing this so everyone can get upset that I’m posting about how awesome it was after the fact. The reason why I am writing about the sale is so someday when someone else tries to find out from their good ole friend Google what a Lululemon warehouse sale is like, they’ll be able to find the information I couldn’t.

The warehouse sale was held Friday-Sunday, each day 9 a.m. through 9 p.m.. It was located in a large convention center room in Rosemont, which is a hop skip and (literally) a jump away from O’Hare airport. I was contemplating going on Friday evening right after work since I work near Rosemont, but after hearing that lines were incredibly long, I didn’t think it would be a good idea to keep the pupster caged up for that long.

Alas, I weaseled in my mom into coming with me on Saturday afternoon. When we arrived, we had to park in a parking garage ($13 flat rate) — when we arrived to the convention center, there was a line to get into the actual sale. For us, it didn’t take too long — we probably waited a total of 45 minutes. In the line, we were instructed of the following:

  • no jackets
  • no purses
  • no cameras
  • no food or drink
  • credit card, debit card, or cash only — ID needed with credit card

Basically, if you were bringing anything into the sale with you, it needed to be the size of your hand. I brought a small Coach wristlet with cash, a credit card, and my drivers license. If you had other belongings that you were not allowed to bring into the sale (jackets, purses, etc.), there was a very organized bag check area right outside the sale entrance when you were still waiting in line. I’m a freak and wouldn’t want to check anything, but they had a great system going and everything was in plain sight.

Upon entering the sale, all of the merchandise was sectioned by size. All of their gear had a colored sticker on the tag, indicating the pricing on posters all around the convention center room. Since I went on Saturday, prices were also already being slashed even more than what they originally were on Friday. I didn’t think the crowds inside the sale were too bad — everyone was basically “in the zone” trying to find their beloved gear, so nobody was really pushing/shoving/being nasty/etc.

The prices were in a sense, awesome. I ended up walking away from the sale with three items (a lot of self restraint was practiced!!).

A limited edition Scuba Hoodie (with removable fur hood lining)

January 29, 2012 054
Original Price: $148
Warehouse Price: $55

Groove Crops

January 29, 2012 056
Original Price: $86
Warehouse Price: $36

Embrace Tank

January 29, 2012 058
Original Price: ?? I couldn’t find one on the website, but tops similar are anywhere from $54-$64
Warehouse Price: $32

I’d have to agree with everyone else — it was definitely worth it. All the merchandise was at least 50% off, if not ore. For someone who does not have many Lululemon pieces, I was able to find much more than just these three items that I wanted to buy, but limited funds stopped me from purchasing more. If you are someone who has a lot of Lulu clothes, you might have thought otherwise. There was nothing new out on the floor, and there were definitely no Wunder Unders in sight.

At time, you really had to dig to find some good stuff. There were absolutely no tanks in my size when I arrived on the racks — the only reason I got this tank was because my mom dug through a huge bin of items people decided last minute not to buy (hence the reason why it is all wrinkled).

I am undoubtedly happy I decided to go and even ore happy with my purchases. I didn’t see any defective items out on the rack — it was all high quality things! My mom, who I asked to go with me, was not planning on buying anything and ended up getting more gear than I did! I’m pretty sure I created a monster. I would most definitely go to another sale!

Question: Have you ever been to a warehouse sale before? Any good finds?

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