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February 24, 2012

1. Does anyone else feel bad for birds during the winter? On my way home from school today, it was freezing rain and I looked up in the sky (perfect idea while driving 75 mph on a highway by the way) and said out loud “those poor birdies”. I’m a freak. Oh — PS, I did look back at the road too.

2. Speaking of birds, I kept hearing one last night over and over again while sitting on the couch. I asked the Husband if he saw a bird out the window, and he laughed. Apparently the sounds of birds was coming from his iPad — and they were very very angry.

3. SNOOOOOOOWWWWW!!! I thought we were in the clear for snow this winter. Whatever, I don’t care. It snowed.

4. I get to meet this lady tomorrow. We’re going for yoga and brunch. I am so so excited, and I can’t wait to talk for hours with her.

5. I’m convinced that Charlie understands every word that comes out of my mouth. He probably only wags his tail because I pet him, but I swear he knows what I’m saying. I always wonder what he is thinking in that brain of his. Probably something like – “maybe if I wag my tail for long enough she will give me more food?”

December 20, 2011 013

6. My next movie obsession is going to be The Hunger Games — oh my gosh I can’t wait until that movie comes out. I devoured those books last year and have been waiting for the movie to come out ever since then. It was all the rage in fifth grade last year.

7. Yesterday, my doctor gave me Chinese herbs to begin taking 3x a day — they taste gross. I don’t care.

8. Today marks the end of my second trimester of the school year. Where in the world did the first two of them go? For real — I can’t get over this.

9. I ate this for dinner last night. It’s something even the Husband will eat (with a side of chicken for him of course).

10. Sometimes when you have no more money for groceries, you can still bribe your husband to go to the store to get a few things and go over your budget. And then you can go to your mom’s house and she’ll give you food to bring home. Good things, too — like almonds, hummus, eggs, brussels sprouts, granola bars. I heart her.

11. I’m reading this book to the fifth grade during our bike safety unit. I usually teach science to all three classes (we switch for a half an hour of the day to prepare them for middle school), but since it’s the end of the trimester, we are switching it up for a few weeks. Reading this book once is sad enough, but reading it THREE times out loud is absolutely heart wrenching. I had to do everything in my power today not to cry while reading it.

12. It’s Friday!! (duh!) Have a great weekend!

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