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March 19, 2012

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I am so incredibly sad to see this near perfect weekend go — alas, one more week until Spring Break!

I didn’t have any major plans this weekend besides going to dinner on Friday night with a friend, and I really liked it that way. On Saturday, I cleaned our house for a total of 7 hours — and I am still not done with the spring cleaning. Oy.

That part might not be near perfect — BUT! Sunday was near perfect. We had a great day all around in the CEC household.


Our first stop after church included a Costco run. I didn’t need too many things, but stocked up on some favorites like Sabra Hummus, Silk Almond Milk (when I don’t have a coupon, it’s cheaper to buy the 3 pack at Costco), and orange juice for the Husband.


Seeing as it was 80 degrees out yesterday (!!!!! please tell me it’s never going to end !!!!!), I quickly changed into some comfortable shorts for the rest of the day. My current “I can go out in public with these on” shorts no longer fit — shopping trip in the near future perhaps?


The Husband worked hard at fixing up our grill this past week, and he finally brought it home on Saturday afternoon so we could grill out yesterday. It looks like a brand new grill! He painted it because some parts were rusting out and did some other things that I forget. Whatever, it looks awesome. :) I love grilling, although I think the Husband felt like I ripped his man card away from him — I let him flip his burgers.


Despite one asparagus casualty, everything turned out fantastic. I made asparagus, sweet potato wedges, tofu, and burgers for the Husband. We finished our lunch happy and quite satisfied. The best part about grilling?


No dishes to be washed!!!

After lunch, the Husband and I quickly made the decision to take Charlie to the dog park. Believe it or not, the Husband and I never go to the dog park together. One or the other usually takes Charlie so the other can get something done around the house without Charlie all up in their business. It was a nice hour to just relax and watch Charlie play with all of his “friends”. I have concluded he’s like the really annoying friend who doesn’t leave you alone and/or understand social cues from other dogs. He’s quite the incessant dog who loves to play.

The rest of the afternoon was spent reading, taking a quick cat nap, and putting away a ginormous pile of laundry that had been sitting on our guest bed for at least two weeks — hence the “near” perfect description. Why oh why do I always put off putting laundry away?

I also decided to head to a vinyasa class that started at 6. It was a donation based class that my favorite instructor decided to hold on Sunday nights — it really kicked my butt. Yoga has gotten harder since I stopped running, and I think it has a lot to do with my core not being quite as strong as before. My balance has totally been off, and I was challenged with the “birds of paradise” pose — my legs were shaking!

When I got home, I was sweaty, thirsty, and especially hungry. After downing two glasses of water, a piece of toast with an egg on top, I took a shower and sat down with a little bit of LOVE to end my night the right way.

Near. Perfect.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Have a wonderful Monday!

Question: What made your weekend “near perfect”?

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