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April 13, 2012

1. Oh. My. Gosh. I am so incredibly sorry that I forgot to ever pick a winner for the Purely Elizabeth giveaway from last week! If I could send you each a package to make up for it, I would. Buuut, the winner is actually Kalyn!


Congratulations! Please email me so I can pass your information along!

2. In lieu of giving you all granola, how about a Larabar Mini giveaway instead? Go see Facebook for details!

3. Yesterday I planted beets in my garden. Last week I planted onions and potatoes. Yesterday while planting the beets, I was curious to see how the potatoes were doing so I took a chance and dug a little bit in the dirt. Those babies are growing like CRAAAAAZZZYYY! I’ve got five plants about to poke out! PS — did you know it’s like the easiest thing in the world to plant potatoes? It pretty much rocks.

4. The weather is finally going to get warmer again this weekend… and it’s going to rain. What the heck, April!!!

5. Let’s talk about how in the world it’s already April 15 on Sunday. Let’s talk for another moment about how I cannot believe how I only have six weeks of school left. How in the heck did that happen!?!?

6. I forgot to add something to my post from yesterday about what kind of person people think I am. People think I’m incredibly sarcastic… probably a little too much. I got my smart aleck remarks from my dad — which I’m sure my mom is oh so proud of. I also love laughing — in fact, at work every day there’s a chance that I’ve cried from laughing so hard. If you don’t do that at work, you need to find a new job.

7. Gluten free pizza tonight for dinner at my favorite pizza place! I’m incredibly excited to say the least.

8. I’m hoping to actually sleep in a little bit tomorrow. I have been extra tired this week. I just want to sleep until like 8:00. That would be a record breaking Saturday morning.

9. That’s all I’ve got for today — Happy Friday folks!

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