5 dinners and a grocery list

April 16, 2012

If you’re anything like me, most weekends you sit down to plan out your grocery shopping trip with great intentions. You grab your cup of coffee after breakfast on Saturday, sit down with grocery store sale flyers, coupon books, and bust out a list of five or six meals to make during the next week in a matter of a half hour.

Okay, you caught me — that’s not how it goes around here. I sit down with my cup of coffee sometimes. Typically though I wake up too late on Saturday to even plan a grocery list in time to make it to my favorite 8:15 vinyasa yoga class. Then instead of having a plan, I go to the store and buy what I “think” we need — which could go one of two ways. I either buy far too much or not enough.

Did I mention I come home having no idea what I’m actually going to make throughout the week? Uh, yeah that’s a problem.

When we first got married, I was SO good at meal planning, but these days I’m having a hard time doing just that. I don’t mind not having a plan though — I was finding not having a plan was allowing me to be more creative in the kitchen on days where I had more time to make dinner. On those days where dinner had to be put together in a rush, however, things were not looking so great. I’m sure the Husband never wants to see a grilled sandwich again in his lifetime.

Lately I’ve been noticing some other bloggers who show some sort of meal plan for the week, and I love the concept. Maryea has a series called How Dinner Went Down, where she highlights what her family ate the week previously. Tina provides a dinner plan for each week along with a shopping list that goes along with the meals. I also had some requests to do something like this a while ago, and I thought there’s not time like the present, right? Right.

I had the best of intentions to do this a few weeks ago, so these meals were actually what we ate the first week of April, but I guess that doesn’t make a difference to you. There is still time to save your dinners this week folks!

All you have to do is click on “Print This!” and you’ll have an easy list to go grocery shopping for this week or next — or whenever you’re a little too busy to plan out exactly what you want to eat for the week ahead.

Obviously this is a loose list and it’s based off of 1-2 people. You can adjust for the needs of your family for the week.

One thing I always do is make enough for leftovers the next day at lunch time. After I eat dinner, I pack up my lunch for the next day and I’m good to go! It’s quite a nice little strategy I’ve got going on over here.

If you all enjoy this, I’ll be more than happy to make it a more regular occurrence — so please give me some feedback on whether or not you like this type of thing!

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