fun facts friday

April 20, 2012

1. Despite what you probably think, I was not abducted yesterday, nor did I get lost on my field trip. Did you get nervous? Were you about to send out the troops? I’m so sorry if you were. In reality, I was having fun catching up with a good friend, eating good incredibly sinful food (I’m looking at you, Caesar Pesto!!!!), and going to Target.

2. Speaking of Target, I bought the most incredibly comfortable mesh shorts there the other night — they’re Champion, they’re purple, and I want to live in them forever. And because I’m usually not a big fan of shorts like this because I hate when the elastic band digs into me, I’ve finally found a solution. Buy the one size bigger than I buy everything else — duuuuh.

3. Someone commented on this recipe yesterday, and it made my mouth water. I want to live in that stuffed squash.

4. I’m going shoppppiiiiinnnngggg this weekend! Like real shopping — like I need clothes so bad that I want to buy all the clothes this weekend — all the clothes!!!

5. I’m meeting this pretty lady for brunching tomorrow morning. It’s our monthly date where we eat omelets as big as our heads. It’s the best.

6. I’m dead set on finishing this book this weekend. Okay, I lied — my mom is dead set on me finishing it because we switched kindles about a month ago so we could read each other’s books and she is itching to get hers back.

7. I think I’ve asked this before, but are you a snooze button hitter? I’m not a snoozer. I have never been a snoozer. I hate snooze buttons. ::ahem:: husband ::ahem::

8. There is a high of 50 degrees today. I’m thinking about hibernating.

9. Guess who gets to watch my niece and nephews on Thursdays this summer? THIS girl! I’m extremely pumped because I love watching babies (obviously) and will have something to fill my time with while my niece and nephew are out playing with their friends. Score!

10. Blast from the past — this is me in second grade. Bahahaha.

Oh wait, this one is better…

11. Now that you have sufficient documentation to blackmail me, I’m outta here. Happy Friday!

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