the great american grump out

May 3, 2012

Happy Wednesday!

Just kidding, it’s Thursday. Did I get you there for a minute? Did your heart skip a beat? Or did you instead just think I was the crazy lady who can’t get my days right?

Don’t answer that.

I know I told you I was going to make up for my lack of a WIAW post yesterday, and here we go! Minus a picture of my breakfast because I forgot…. don’t judge me. It was oats in an almond butter jar. Does anyone else find it seriously alarming that I go through a jar of almond butter every single week? That has to be a ridiculous amount of almond butter consumption.

On my way to school, I picked up an iced coffee from Starbuck’s. Something told me I would need a little extra boost yesterday since I would be gone for 13 hours and because I could not peel myself out of bed yesterday morning.

This morning the entire fifth grade had an hour long music practice for their spring show in a few weeks.  While they were practicing, I rearranged my entire room. I have not liked the layout for the last two years, and I finally found something I like. I did, however, work up a sweat on the hottest day ever — it was 84 degrees out today!

When lunch came around, I was ready to eat. I headed up some leftover pasta from Tuesday night. I also had an unpictured pear. (I just wrote “pair”, “pear”, and “pare” and couldn’t figure out how it’s spelled — d’oh)


The whole day yesterday at school cracked me up — the kids were basically going bonkers because of the warm weather ad they had a Spanish performance that night. Not to mention, we participated in “The Great American Grump Out” (a take on “the Great American Smoke Out”). There was no grumping allowed — that meant no complaining, no moaning, no groaning — only smiling. If someone was found grumping, their consequence was smiling. We had a list going on the board of who was grumping — I made the list once. I had to smile for a minute straight after I complained. It was fun to play along.

During the afternoon, I ate a Luna Protein bar that was sent to me — I didn’t eat this one. I ate the Cookie Dough bar. These bars are gluten free and have 12 grams of protein and are mighty tasty.


Buuut the bar did not agree with my stomach. It may have been the soy protein in there or the fact that there’s a little dairy in the bar. I still loved it though.

I had to hang around town until 7:00 for the Spanish performance, so I decided to take that opportunity to go get my nails and toes done. I went to the BEST nail salon ever — they gave incredible massages. I even got a shoulder massage as my nails were drying. If that’s not customer service, I don’t know what is. I will be returning.


I was also the lonely girl (not really lonely) who ate Chipotle all by her lonesome and didn’t have anything to do because her phone died after this picture was taken and her kindle was also dead. Lame.


After singing along as an audience member to the 5th Grade Spanish Show, I came home, took a shower (it was hot and sweaty all day long), and popped a squat on the couch with my snack.


And now I have to make lunches and go to bed.

Oh, and I ate copious amounts of chocolate today in the forms of Trader Joe’s Nibs and a Calcium Adora Disk.

Just thought you should know.

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