fun facts friday

May 11, 2012

1. Yesterday I had to get two cavities filled — not my idea of a fun day off if you ask me.

2. Have you ever eaten raw pumpkin seeds? I picked up a bunch of them from Whole Foods the other day because my TCM told me they naturally raise progesterone levels. I’ve had them roasted in trail mixes before, but never by themselves. They taste like bacon — I’m totally serious.

3. I have my monthly brunch date with Kathleen tomorrow! I’m so excited to get caught up with that gorgeous girl!

4. You know what really stinks? The hiccups. The ones that hurt. That’s all.

5. I have been eating out way too often lately. Last week I had Chipotle four times — FOUR!!! This week I’ve gone to Jason’s Deli, Whole Foods hot bar, the Vegan Cafe, and Jason’s Deli again. Aaaand I’m going out for breakfast tomorrow and for lunch on Sunday.

6. Speaking of eating out, I’ve obviously had no desire to cook or meal plan at home the past few weeks. Please give me some motivation — or just some meal ideas.

7. We have baby birdies living in our bird house outside. It’s on top of a tall post and Charlie keeps hearing the babies chirp. He is constantly trying to jump high enough or scratch his way up the post.

8. I bought all of my vegetables for my garden yesterday! Some vegetables I start from seeds but a lot of them I just buy as plants already from a nursery — it’s so much easier.

9. Sometimes I wish that I could teleport myself to my blogging friends’ houses — this week, in particular, Ashley’s house. She has been such an incredible friend lately and I just want to give her a big stinkin’ hug. UTTAAAAH, why are you so far?

10. Any other wives (i just typed wifes) out there not want to see The Avengers? My mom and I devised a plan for this. Since my dad and the Husband want to see it and my mom and I don’t, we’re going to go to a movie together, but apart. It will be great.

11. That’s all I’ve got for you today — Happy Friday!

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