fun facts friday

May 18, 2012

1. I will not spoil anything for you if you have not watched Grey’s Anatomy’s season finale yet, but OH. MY.

2. Sometimes I wish I were the inventor of something amazing so I could be super cool.

3. I’ve still got my cold. And now the Husband is sick too. I didn’t believe him on Wednesday night until he blew his nose too hard and got a bloody nose (too much? whatever, I’ve had 4 in the last week). The poor guy always gets fevers when he gets sick. I never do, so I never knew our thermometer beeped all weird and turned red when someone has a fever over 100 degrees. It was kind of cool, minus the sick husband thing.

4. Larabar surprised me with a package of their new Uber bars on Wednesday. I was incredibly excited and broke into the Cherry Cobbler bar yesterday after school. I loved it. It’s crunchy, sweet, and full of whole nuts. I want like 7,000.


5. On Tuesday when I was babysitting, the little boy made us wear his Lego container as a hat. He was allowed to show his face for a picture, but I wasn’t. Is he trying to tell me something?


6. This week has been so crazy busy that I can’t wait until this weekend when I can sit on my couch… or complete all my students’ report cards since they’re due early next week.

7. Have I told you my graduate program got accepted this week? That means come August I’ll be back in school every Tuesday night getting my masters. Don’t even make fun of me for being excited. I love school.

8. Ashley sent me the sweetest package this week. I was having an… emotional week last week so she sent me a goodie box full of chocolate, larabars, and the cutest card.


ps — there is a possibility that we get to meet next weekend because she’s going to Michigan. I cannot even tell you how stinkin’ excited I am!!!!!

9. One more week left of schoooooooool!

10. Happy Friday!

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