fun facts friday

June 1, 2012

1. Have you ever watched Friend Zone on MTV? It’s pretty much the best thing ever.

2. Let’s flashback to my favorite video of all time, shall we?

3. It was 50 degrees and raining yesterday. Happy summer?

4. HILARIOUS tumblr “When I Went Gluten Free” — seriously, you must check it out.

5. Congratulations to Heather on her new baby boy Hunter! He’s perfect and adorable!

6. I already killed this trail mix I bought on Tuesday. It’s Asian flavored, kind of spicy, kind of sweet, with a lot of crunch. I’m obsessed.


7. Another brunch date with Kathleen tomorrow! I’m so excited!

8. I’m already loving my summer so far. Even though my summer isn’t just lounging around and doing nothing (I’m babysitting and doing curriculum work), not having a set schedule and being stressed out from my job feels so incredibly nice.

9. Speaking of enjoying summer, one of my favorite past times in summer is napping. I already took a great one yesterday. Oh, and yesterday someone asked me if I actually think I can read all of those books this summer. My answer? Absolutely. I can go through two or three books a week in the summer!

10. Yesterday I was over at my sisters house and my mom was playing videos of babies laughing on You Tube for Aubrey. Her favorite one is Shai-Anne. She thinks it’s hilarious — it’s so funny watching her laugh at other babies.

11. This weekend is filled with graduation parties — Happy friday!

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