fun facts friday

July 13, 2012

1. I took two naps yesterday — one in the morning when Aubrey napped, and one in the afternoon when she napped again. That rule does not just apply to new moms. Everyone should be allowed two naps a day.

2. We switched phone carriers yesterday, and when my friend Kelly called my phone, she got a hold of a man named Steve. Uhhh, I’m not Steve, and my number didn’t change. That’s just weird.

3. Speaking of people named Kelly, my sister in law is VERY upset that she is never mentioned on the blog. Like seriously she almost disowned me the other day. When I asked her what she wanted me to say, she told me “uhh I don’t know, that I do your hair sometimes?” So, my sister in law Kelly does my hair sometimes. She’s going to style it for a wedding for me tomorrow. I promise I’ll never forget you again Kel.

4. Last night Charlie was outside, and I went out there to see what he was up to. I came outside to this.

July 12, 2012 005

5. Do you want to know what time I started making my lunch yesterday? 10:45 AM.That’s ridiculous. I was hungry, the baby was sleeping, and I knew the second she woke up I wouldn’t have a chance when she woke up. Every last bite was devoured — as always!

6.Thanks for all the support on yesterday’s post. You’re all amazing!

7. This is like… the story of my life.

8. Only 10 days until my birthday. Sadly, I want this. I think I’m out of luck. Who seriously would enjoy getting a vacuum for their birthday? I’m sick of Charlie hair.

9. Colleen wrote this post yesterday about things that she remembered from when 20-somethings were younger. I used to take those Lisa Frank erasers and erase nothing (seriously) and make eraser shavings and put them in plastic bags. Because that’s what every cool fifth grader should be doing while they’re teacher is teaching. I’m sure a great example for my students.

10. Happy friday!

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