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July 27, 2012

1. So last night I went to an AWESOME dinner hosted by Grub With Us and Karyn’s on Green. I will be recapping it in the next coming days — good food, good times. Yum.

2. This week was my last full official week of babysitting. I have shortened weeks the next two weeks (only 1 day per week), and then it’s back to school I go.

3. Who else is ready for the Olympics? I seriously cannot wait to start watching all of the coverage. I am so pumped. I wish I were in London. (but, when don’t I?)

4. Yesterday for breakfast I drank Ashley’s perfect smoothie (but with blueberries). It was so filling, I could hardly believe it. So so good.

5. A few weeks ago I was sent some Core Defender bars to try. They’re supposed to serve as a meal replacement, but I’ve been just nibbling on them any time I feel hungry in the morning/afternoon in between meals. They’re perishable and have to be refrigerated (up to six months, then you need to freeze them), and they’re delicious and made with whole, organic ingredients. They’ve offered to give away a sampler pack to a reader! I’ll put the directions for the giveaway at the bottom of this post.


Naturally, my favorite was the cashew cacao.

6. I read this post yesterday about the 6:00 Shut Down — and I think it’s a great idea. However, I typically can’t get myself away from the computer that early. Usually I don’t sit down on the couch to bust out a post until around 7:00, but I’m typically off the computer by 8:00 to wind down for the night. Any later and I will be a zombie woman sitting at the computer all night!

7. You know what I hate? The hiccups. I’ve had them every day for the past few days and they’re the kind that HURT. I’m not a fan.

8. My niece and nephew are back home from visiting family in Florida, which means my Thursday nap schedule is ruined. I’m kind of upset, but it’s okay because I missed those rascals.

9. This.

I am a grammar policewoman in my spare time. I try not to judge people by their grammatical errors, but sometimes it’s SOOOO hard. Another one? You’re and Your. Too, Two, To. It’s & Its. Study that, people. #endrant

10. I’m pretty sure we have NOTHING scheduled for this weekend which makes me so incredibly happy. You can find me vacuuming for three days straight with my new toys.

11. Happy Friday!

The directions for the Core Defender Giveaway (you can do one or all of the following for extra entries):

1. Like their Facebook page (

2. Follow them on Twitter (

3. Say why you would like to try a CORE Meal.

This giveaway will be open until Tuesday Morning (July 31).

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