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August 10, 2012

1. True story: I had this ENTIRE post written out, was about to press publish, and then my computer went psychotic. I’m not happy at all. It was SO good — like probably the best FFF I have ever written.Now it’s just going to be crap. I can just feel it… ugggggghhhhh.

2. I have decided I would like to transport the pool and some palm trees from Mexico into my backyard. At the end of a vacation, I’m always eager to get back into real life (who am I???), but if I could do real life with a pool in my backyard, I’d be okay with it. The Husband might approve this if I also transport the swim up bar with unlimited drinks as well.

3. Does anyone else feel the need to unpack like the SECOND you walk through the door from a vacation? I am a speed unpacker. I cannot stand it when suitcases just hang out in bedrooms/hallways for days on end (ever see that Everybody Loves Raymond episode? Please watch that. I swear it’s my life- ahahahaha!). Ugh, no thank you. On Wednesday night when we got home, I had unpacked, gotten the laundry started, and had sat down on my couch all within thirty minutes. It was fabulous.

4. I’m seriously doing HORRIBLE on this whole no coffee thing. As in, I have not  been doing it at all. As in, I’ve been going to Starbuck’s like every day for the last month. So, not only have I been drinking the java, I’ve also been spending money — but not really because most of them were birthday presents.But I need to get better — like, now. No more coffee for me. Okay, I say this fully knowing I’m going to fail. (when I was writing this earlier, I was drinking a venti — I suck.)

5. I went to SCHOOL yesterday — school, as in… work. I have one week to get my classroom in tip top shape and ready for 24 5th graders. Where did my summer go!?

August 9, 2012 011

6. When the Husband and I have children, I have no idea how I’m going to ever leave them to go on vacation-or just in general. I missed my Charlie baby way too much on vacation. I even emailed my mom to see how he was doing. I’m a freak. And he missed his mama and dad — he’s been following us around since we got home.August 9, 2012 008 August 9, 2012 013

7. Best. Swag. Ever.Love the LOVE!!!

August 9, 2012 012

8. Apparently I miss pumpkin? I think I just wish it were fall already. Bring on the skinny jeans and boots! Please ignore the chipped manicure.

August 9, 2012 009

9. Yesterday I was sad that I couldn’t go over to see Aubrey since I had to go into school, so my mom brought her over to my house after they ran some errands. Girl was a hot crabby mess and wouldn’t even let her Auntie Chelsey hold her. I was pretty sad — although she did give out some sweet kisses. She better not be mad at me because I can’t babysit her anymore! I’m going to miss our Thursdays together. ::tear::

10. Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend!

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