fun facts friday

September 28, 2012

1. So last weekend I tried to beat the system and did a one week free trial for Hulu Plus so I could watch the second season of Downton Abbey for free. One would think I would be ashamed to have watched an entire season of a show in one week, but nope, not me!! I know last week I said I hated Lady Mary, but I love her now!

2. Yesterday I went and saw Anita Renfroe, and I think I almost peed my pants like five times. If you’re not sure who she is, maybe you have seen this video?

3. The space bar on mykeyboardhas been sticking HORRIBLY lately. Like, I don’t wantto go back andspace everythingforyou on thisonejust soyou can see. HEEEEELLLLLPPP!

4. Yesterday I stopped in at the store(at9:30 no less —look at me!), and paid flipping FIVE DOLLARS for three apples!! Seriously? This is no good.

5. Tina and I are in the single digits now —only 7 days until I get to meet and hang out with her for four days! I can’t wait.

6. Food for thought:

7. My nephew and I are having a date night tomorrow — we’re going to see a movie and then he’s sleeping over. My niece is having her birthday slumber party and no boys are allowed!

8. Tonight you will find me sitting on my couch catching up on Grey’s, Glee, Up All Night, and The New Normal. I swear I have a life.

9. TGIF. For realz. Have a great weekend!

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