fun facts friday

October 19, 2012

1. So Wednesday night I was looking online for some full length yoga videos and came across this. You’re welcome.

2. I hate to even tell you this but… I’m going camping this weekend. Okay, really it’s going to be 24 hours because I can only stomach the thought of doing one night away from a shower and electricity. Baby steps people… baby steps. Oh yeah, and I’m sleeping in a camper. WHATEVER, it’s camping.

3. You know what I always think about during thunderstorms? This would be so much SNOW in the winter time! And then it’s winter and it never snows. Story of my life. Where’s the precipitation when you need it? (aka: on a Monday mornings)

4. Who ever thought this would be a good idea? Apparently I did. None of the kids have gotten candy corn yet — only me. Bad bad idea.

5. I made the best warm kale, mushroom, and kidney bean salad last night. OH MY GOODNESS. I can’t even explain it!!!

6. The husband’s cousin (and one of my good friends) Mandi had a baby girl, Naomi Grace, last night. I am so excited to meet her! They were surprised on whether it was a boy or girl, and I was on team girl the entire time. I’m a psychic!! 😉

7. This happened last night. Ugh.

8. I have not been able to do much except watch Glee from the beginning on Netflix for the last week. I actually just started watching it last season, and I felt like I needed to know what went on at the beginning.

9. After I found out what my new little cousin’s name is I spent some time on because you know, I’ve been planning out my children’s names for about 25 years. Apparently all the names I like right now are of the English origin. Who woulda thunk. And no, I’m not telling you what they are. And double no, I’m not preggers.

10. The Husband’s brother and sister in law (the ones we went on vacation with this summer) are coming in town on Sunday for a baby shower. I’m so excited to see them!

11. Yes, there are a gazillion babies being born in our family right now.

12. It’s Friday — have a great weekend! If I don’t make it back by Monday, a bear has eaten me.

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