fun facts friday

October 26, 2012

1. Apparently I’m getting old, or I seriously am not cool or in the loop at all. Reason? Up until yesterday, I had no idea what the term “hipster” meant. Thank you, Urban Dictionary.

2. Don’t even make fun of me, but ohmygosh I freaked out when Taylor Swift’s new CD came out on Monday. I’ve been counting down the day since about six months ago. Don’t even pretend like you don’t rock out to “We are Never Getting Back Together”. My 11 year old niece and I both agree that this song should be her next single. The beat is amazing. Yes, I’m 25.

3. Every single time I run now, I seriously cannot even fathom how I have ever run 13.1 miles at one time. How did I ever do that? Regardless, I always feel like a rock star whenever I run now.

5. And this conversation with Katie was in response to my picture. I heart her. We’re going dancing next weekend for her birthday. And I’m going to stay up past 11 for the first time in a looooong time. Lord, please give me the strength.

6. Yesterday I had one of those validating teacher moments when you just absolutely know what you’re doing is right and good. I had a really nice conversation with a parent, and I couldn’t stop smiling from all of the nice things she said. Things like that are so nice for a teacher to hear — so seriously, if you’re a parent and you’re liking something your teacher is doing, please tell them!!!

7. Dinner tonight with the bestie — when I asked her what time she would like to go, she suggested 5:30. I knew there was a reason why I loved that girl!

8. It’s taken me about an hour to write this much of my post so far. I’m being so unproductive.

9. And with that, I’m done. My attention span is of a toddler tonight. Happy Friday!

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