fun facts friday

November 2, 2012

1. How is it already November? I’m at a loss. However, I do have to say I hope November goes by fast. I want to get to December already!!! I’m a Christmas (and Winter Break) lover.

2. Is it bad that for the last week or so that every single day I look at the 10 day forecast and hope for snow? Yeah, too early… I know. BUT, one year it did snow on Halloween. A girl can dream.

3. I’m going out to celebrate Katie’s birthday tomorrow!!! I’m pretty much (okay totally) excited to get my dance on!

4. Yesterday I went out to lunch with my mom and the baby, and she thought she was sooo funny because we were laughing when she was chomping down on an orange. Then every single time she took a bite, she started laughing. I thought I was going to die from her cuteness.

5. The last two nights I was able to go home and just hang out/relax/watch tv/whatever. It’s the first time in I don’t even know HOW long I’ve done that. It felt so stinkin’ good.

6. The sky yesterday. Oh my goodness. #gorgeous

7. Have I mentioned I have the best students in the world? I told them on Wednesday that Reese’s are my favorite. This is was I was greeted with yesterday morning.

8. Since the majority of us love pumpkin so much, I thought this was a funny one…


9. I spent far too much time looking at those auto correct sites last night. Oh my gosh, my abs hurt from laughing.

10. I’m going through a Starbuck’s drive-thru withdrawal. Seriously. I miss sipping a hot coffee (or cold, whatever) with a pump of pumpkin on my way to work every day. ::sigh:: I wish it were worth the $20 a week. That’s it. I’m getting one tomorrow.

11. My parents are off to Mexico tomorrow. How. Rude. Don’t they know they should take their middle born? Gosh, they never think of me. ::kidding::

12. Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend!

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