managing a busy week

November 6, 2012

You’re busy this week, aren’t you? And probably next week, and the next, and most likely the one after that.

Yeah, me too.

busy busy busy

More often than not our schedules are filled with a number of events before and after work (or school) leaving us little time to do the things we long to do – relax and spend time with family! On weeks such as this one, I find that a few things really help me out to help keep me calm and stress-free. Hopefully they help you as well!

Meal Plan 

I confessed a few weeks ago that I had fallen off the meal planning bandwagon. Thankfully, I’m back in the saddle and meal planning like crazy! When I have a plan in place, I know exactly what I have to do when I get home (or the night before).


Yes, prepping food is a must. Chop up veggies, make a big batch of grains, throw things in the crock pot. However, I find that prepping has a lot more to do with food. I always find that if I don’t prep my house for the week, I’m much more stressed than normal. That means I need to make some time over the weekend to get my house cleaned and my laundry done. Having a closet full of clean (non-wrinkled) clothes takes the guess work (okay, most of it) out of getting ready for the following day.

Make a Schedule

Anyone else feel a crazy amount better when you actually write down what you need to do each day of the week? I always start out each day thinking, “oh my gosh i have so much to do and no time to do ittttttt blah blah blah”.

Busy busy busy


Then when I actually write things done, they don’t seem so bad! I also live by my iPhone calendar. Now if I could only figure out how to have a separate one to merge for the Husband and my activities! Anyone know how to do this?

Make Time for Yourself

Speaking of scheduling, schedule some time for yourself. Don’t feel guilty about actually penciling in an hour every day just for you. Whether that means you get to sit on the couch and read, watch your favorite TV show, or head to the gym – just do it. It’ll make you feel so much better.

Ask for Help

I’m so fortunate to live around my family. There have definitely been days where we’ve relied on our family to let Charlie out when we won’t be getting home until later. I’ve also used my mom as my errand runner when I absolutely do not have time to run one. It is so amazing to know that if I don’t have enough time in my day to do it all, I have family who is willing to help out if need be.

Chill Out

Seriously. Just relax.

Chill out people


Everything that needs to be done will get done. My favorite saying is, “there’s always tomorrow”. While it might makes me sound like a slacker, I promise I’m not. 😉 It just means I know not to get stressed if something doesn’t get done. It’ll happen!

Question: What’s your favorite tip to get you through a busy week?

PS – US Readers, it’s election day! Go get your vote on!

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