fun facts friday

November 9, 2012

1. Okay, my life is NOW COMPLETE. I’m assuming by now you’ve heard about Girl Meets World!?!??! Boy Meets World reunion here we come! Boy Meets World was one of my FAVORITE TV shows growing up, and I’m so excited to eventually watch Corey and Topanga be parents! I’m pretty sure most of the people watching this show will be in their 20’s and 30’s. Whatever.

2. Last night I somehow convinced the Husband we NEEEDEDDD to go to Chipotle for dinner. It worked out well. You all know how I feel about my burrito bowls. Meal planning = out the window.

3. This week has been so ridiculous that I honestly have not even had any time at all to take Charlie for walks or exercise in any way. I’m looking forward to walking Charlie for a long time this afternoon and possibly running tomorrow. Finally!!!

4. I’m hoping and praying that everyone on the East Coast stayed dry and warm with all of that crazy snow that hit over the last few days!

5. My life.

my life


6. Every single year this CRACKS me up. Here’s the new video from this year. I want the last three children. They are way too sweet!


8. My mom and dad come back home from Mexico tomorrow night. Is it sad that I called my mom’s phone on Wednesday afternoon to leave her a voicemail? It went kind of like this… “MOoooommmmm. I’m sooooo boooorredddd driving home because i have nooo ooonnnneee to talk tooooo.” Can you tell I’m kind of dependent on her? Whatever.

9. This just makes me laugh.

i never knew @Sarah Stach

10. It’s the weekend! Happy Friday!

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