the girl and the goat

November 20, 2012

  During one of our conversations on Saturday, Lauren asked me “what would your last meal consist of?” – and you know what? I had no idea. All I could come up with was that I would have real bread and butter (maybe a Texas Roadhouse roll?) without my stomach feeling like I would want to die.

Little did I know that later on in the night I would eat the meal that I would claim “my last supper”. Miraculously, Lauren got us reservations at Girl and the Goat, a must-try restaurant in Chicago for all people. This restaurant has been in the media far too many times to count, and it is worth all of the hype. From the casual vibe to the music playing over the speakers, everyone there seemed to be having a great time. We arrived a little before seven, and the lights had been dimmed. The kitchen had an open design, perfect for anyone who wanted to watch what was going on in the back. The industrial design made for a loud restaurant, but it just added to the eclectic feel of the place.

We were seated in a cozy booth only minutes after checking in, and instantly had no idea what to order. We started on drinks first (I first started out with a tequila heavy drink that I thought would be much sweeter and ended up ordering a glass of white wine instead. Our awesome server comp’ed the first drink since I didn’t like it. Talk about service!), and quickly decided to order a plethora of dishes to pick at together.

Do you want to know the first thing out of our servers mouth before we ordered? “Are there any allergies at this table?” Now THAT is a sign of service, folks. Right off the bat, I knew I would be safe to eat there (if I wanted to strictly follow my gluten free diet… which I kind of didn’t – whoops.). It made me feel cared for that she thought enough to ask. You could tell she wanted everyone to leave happy and satisfied with their experience. I did.

girl and the goat
From top left going clockwise: Kohlrabi salad with ginger dressing. roasted cauliflower with banana peppers, pine nuts, mint, and parmesan cheese. beet salad. scallops with fried brussels sprouts, pecans, and pomegranate.

My favorite? The cauliflower. Oh my gosh… I am not even joking when I tell you that I had to close my eyes at many moments while eating this dish because I just wanted to savor the moment. Lauren and I could not believe how well the flavors worked together, as unique as they were.

We claimed once our dishes were taken away that we were “soooo full” and that there was “no room for dessert”. That was, of course, until our server asked us if we wanted to look at the menu. Lauren and I looked at each other and figured why not?

November 18, 2012 019
When you’re at a restaurant that typically has a two month wait, you don’t pass down dessert, and you definitely don’t adhere to a strict diet. Regardless of how much my stomach would or would not hate me later, I threw all caution to the wind and ate ::gasp:: gluten and dairy – WILLINGLY. 😉

girl and the goat two

Let me tell you…. both of these were to die for. I ordered the bittersweet chocolate while Lauren ordered the Pumpkin Pie Gelato. Both were out of this world and definitely worth the hot flashes, migraine, and stomachache I had shortly after. :) You only live once, right?

Between it all – the service, the ambiance, the very reasonable bill for two foodies who wanted to try everything – The Girl and the Goat is definitely somewhere I would like to go again. Who says you can’t have your last meal more than once?

Question: What would your last meal look like?

PS – My brother and sister in law welcomed their newest addition, Henrietta Lana (Henri or Etta, they haven’t decided yet!), yesterday afternoon. Congrats Kevin and Dani! We got to Skype with them last night, and our family makes beautiful babies!

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