fun facts friday… better late than never

November 23, 2012

1. I never meant to leave you all for three days, but that’s just what happens when the holidays start. Sorry I’m not sorry. 😉

2. How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Mine was excellent – we spent time with both families and stuffed ourselves silly. In a little bit we’re going back over to my aunt’s for leftovers which is a tradition we’ve had in my family for as long as I can remember!

3. Are you a Black Friday shopper? I certainly am. I typically wake up really early to go, but we didn’t need any big ticket items this year. Instead I just went out when I woke up around 7:30 and had all of my shopping done by 11:00 AM. Best thing ever.

4. Did you know it is now socially acceptable for me to listen to Christmas music 24/7 until December 26th?!?! My husband does not appreciate this.

5. We’ve had quite a week in the baby department in my family. John’s brother and sister in law had Henrietta on Monday, and his cousin Summer had her baby on Wednesday, Bella Lou! There will definitely not be a shortage of babies to hold at Christmas! #love

6. Did I mention that sometimes I use Black Friday as an excuse to get myself a lil’ somethin’ somethin’? I ended up with a new table runner and holiday pillows for the home. For me, I got a new sweater and a new pea coat (my old one doesn’t exactly fit anymore – boooo.).

7. I haven’t decorated yet like I thought I was going to. ::tear:: Looks like tomorrow will be filled with tree decorating!

8. With that, have a great weekend and beginning to the holiday season! :)  Happy Friday!

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