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November 27, 2012

I have a confession to make. Are you ready?

I’m a chronic glove loser.

Seriously, I don’t know what my problem is but I can never find my gloves. I’m not sure if I’ve always been this way. I am the kind of person who does like for things to have a specific place, even if it means that “those clothes go on the dresser because that’s where they go” (seriously, just as the Husband. It drives him crazy). But with gloves, it’s a free for all. Sometimes they are stuffed in my purse. Sometimes they are in my pockets. Sometimes they fall out of my pockets. Sometimes I throw them in the washing machine, and I swear to Bob they never return. What is it with washing machines anyway? Sheesh.

It’s so bad that I don’t even buy expensive ones anymore – $1 gloves from the drug store do me just fine. This way, I never feel bad about losing my glove(s) – usually it’s just one. Then you’ll find me walking outside with a mismatched pair of crappy gloves. Hey, I never claimed to be a fashionista over here.

Which is why when Sarah from Zensah asked me if I wanted to review a pair of their gloves, I hesitated. She didn’t know what she was getting herself into over here.

November 26, 2012 004

Zensah is well known in the running world for selling compression products, and they are most popular for their leg sleeves. While I have never tried the leg sleeves (or any compression products), I have heard they are awesome. So while I didn’t trust myself to care for such a nice pair of gloves, I accepted Sarah’s offer to try out the new Smart Touch Running Gloves.

… And I’m so glad I did. These gloves seriously have it all. I don’t know how Zensah though about everything, but they did. Some of the features I enjoyed on these gloves are:

  • Touch Screen Capability (no taking off the gloves to swipe the smart phone!)
  • Glove Clip (so the gloves never lose their mate – THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER)

November 26, 2012 006

  • Reflective stripes on the fingers (in case you’re in the dark)
  • Palm Grips (so you don’t drop what you’re holding)

Most importantly…

  • fleece material on the thumbs

November 26, 2012 007

Now, let me just explain this to you – and you’re not allowed to get grossed out. We all know that once you step foot outside in the cold whether you’re walking, running, or sledding (we should all do a little more of that), your nose starts to run the second you walk out the door. The fleece material is perfect if you forget a tissue (or two) for a little wipe while you’re on your run. Don’t even pretend like you’ve never wiped (or blown – ew, guilty!) your nose on your run. It’s inevitable when it’s freezing out there! Whether or not that fleece material on the thumbs is meant for nose wiping, that’s what I found it to be most convenient for.

November 26, 2012 005

Other than those features, I was surprised at how warm the gloves kept my hand. The material is pretty lightweight and breathable, so I was concerned my hands would get cold outside. Nope, they stayed perfectly toasty! The gloves fit perfectly too – I ordered a medium, but they also have a small or large option. There is even a size chart on the website to help you decide what size to order.

November 26, 2012 013

I’ve decided that if this is any indication of what Zensah has to offer, I am definitely going to be purchasing some of their gear for myself. They really seem to take everything in consideration to make their customers happy.Can we just talk about their Revive Wrap and (pink) Argyle Compression Socks for a moment?  Amazing.

Question: What do you look for in running/workout gear?

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