fun fact friday

November 30, 2012

1. Return of the Grammar Nazi (aka, me!)….

2. I’ve read a few good posts the past few days. One of them that stuck out to me is this one that Caitlin linked to yesterday. While it’s about what a divorced husband did that blew his marriage, I think it’s a good reminder to EVERYONE that is married to take time out and take time to work on thing. Guys and Gals alike!

3. You know my cousin whose daughter is my adorable blonde hair blue eyed asian goddaughter, Mia? She’s pregnant again! Baby #2 is due on June 9. Babies are like seeping out of my family’s pores. For real.

4. Last night I got much needed highlights and a haircut by my very talented sister in law, Kelly. My hair was starting to aggravate me every single time I tried to do it. Ugggh split ends ruin lives.

5. Only three more weeks until winter break! Thankfully it’ll go extremely fast with a lot of fun plans thrown within those weeks – holiday parties, housewarming parties, dinners, a wedding, a shopping date with my mom and mother in law… woohoo!

6. Um, is this not the most beautiful baby you’ve ever laid your eyes upon?

7. It’s supposed to be like 60 on Monday. Then it’s supposed to snow on Friday. Whaaaat?

8. It’s hurting to type because I did an arm workout today. I’m done here. 😉

9. Tomorrow is December 1. That day always reminds me of when my friend Brie and I (when we were 14) turned on Christmas music, dressed all festively, and danced around my room screaming “It’s December 1st!!!!” Yes, we had no lives. It always brings a smile to my face!

10. Have a great weekend! Happy Friday!

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