25 days of christmas – part ii

December 18, 2012

Round two of 25 Days of Christmas Blogging starts now! This is such a fun way to share about my traditions and memories of Christmas – great job on the challenge, Jenny!

8. Post a picture of Christmas decor – Easy! I looooooove to decorate. Most of all, I love my tree! I was so happy the first year we were married and the Husband let me splurge on some fancy decorations for our tree. We even went shopping for it all together! (big step there)

christmas decorating 2
December 6, 2012 004 (please excuse my feet)

9. Easiest person to buy for? Probably my mom or my sister. I know both like the back of my hand, so they’re usually the easiest to buy for. They both love clothes, and I know their style (makes a huge difference). My mom is also a book lover, and my sister really just appreciates any present. Easy as pie!

10. Favorite Holiday Scent – Can we talk about my LEAST favorite scent first? Let’s talk evergreens. Ugh, I hate the smell of them. I’m so sorry if you want to de-friend me right now. The smell gives me an instant headache that won’t go away for hours unless I get the heck away from it. ::end rant:: I do love anything that smells like cranberries or sweet smelling things – which is why I love my new candle (okay, it’s like a month old) from Bath and Body Works, ‘Tis the Season!

11. Favorite Christmas Traditions – I can’t decide, so you’re getting a list!

  • Cinnamon rolls in the morning
  • Watching A Christmas Story
  • Opening presents one at a time at the Husband’s side of the family
  • Getting an ornament each year from my mom
  • Helping my aunt make dinner the day before Christmas

12. Wrapping paper or gift bags? – A mish mosh of both. I love wrapping presents, and I’m pretty particular about it (thanks to the Husband rubbing off on me). There are times, however, that I get pretty sick of wrapping and go to the bags!

13. Favorite Christmas Book – I love the Christmas story in the Bible. Once we have kids, I want to make a tradition of us reading it together as a family each Christmas Eve. I also love The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. It has an incredible message that always moves me to tears!


14. Real or artificial tree? Did you read above about me hating the smell of evergreens? Plus they make me sneeze!

15. Best gift you’ve ever given? Does this have to be Christmas related? The question doesn’t say so, so I’m saying no! 😉 I gave my dad Chicago Bears tickets for his birthday this past year. He was shocked, and I could tell he loved them!

And that’s it for this time! Take a question above and answer it for yourself!

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