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January 3, 2013

2013 has already been shaping up into a good year. Winter break. Sleeping in. Going to brunch with one of my favorite people (and meeting her baby boy!!!!!) today. Not getting out of my pajamas until… never.

See? The best. Nothing but good going on over here.

January 2, 2013 003

Then, something else magical happened the other day – my bananas turned brown. You see, that never happens around here. I love bananas, the Husband loves bananas, and I think I buy like 10-12 bananas per week just to satisfy our banana loving needs. It’s a bit ridiculous. We also have a rule around here that if the Husband takes the last banana, he HAS to let me know. This is because I’m a freak, and if I wake up in the morning and realize there are no bananas for my breakfast, it’s not a good morning over here. So anyway, like I was saying – bananas rarely turn brown over here.

January 2, 2013 005

Which is why I was so pumped when it happened because that meant I could make banana bread. There’s nothing better than a piece of moist (sorry, it had to be done), chewy banana bread straight out of the oven. And because I’m only halfway on top of things these days, I didn’t even make my own recipe – I tried this one. I used gluten free flour, halved the sugar, omitted the nuts, and made sure to use Chobani for the greek yogurt portion. I’ve got a lot of Chobani to bake with/eat over the course of the next few weeks – and hey, I’m not complaining. All I can do is just add good. Any recipe suggestions that use greek yogurt would be helpful!

January 2, 2013 001

Question: What is something that’s “nothing but good” going on in your life lately?

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