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December 11, 2014

Just Like Other Daughters

This book was excellent. It follows the journey of Alicia, and her daughter Chloe. Chloe was born with Down Syndrome, and right before Alicia’s eyes, Chloe has grown up into a young woman who wants to be independent. Alicia struggles with Chloe’s first crush, which turns into her first relationship with Thomas, a young man who attends the same adult day program as her.

Alicia’s struggle is real. She banters back and forth with the idea of this newfound love Chloe has, and decides Chloe should have the same opportunities that other women get to have. With time, the relationship grows – with its ups and downs, and everything in the middle.

I thought the ending to this story was a bit abrupt, and I can’ say I was necessarily a fan of how it ended – but I can say that a mother’s love knows no boundaries, and Faulkner expresses it beautifully.

We Were Liars

This book actually came through on my Daily Skimm as something to read. I immediately downloaded it and abandoned the book I had been reading so I could start and finish it within days. This is definitely young adult fiction – probably suitable for ages 13+.

The story follows the Sinclair family – old money led by their grandfather, who owns an island off of the Cape. Every year the family gathers at the island on different houses and vacations together. However, the summer that Cadence was 15, an accident occurred. The problem? Cadence doesn’t remember the accident and ever since that day has amnesia surrounding it, debilitating migraines, and is in a haze from all the painkillers she has to take because of it.

Her family (think about the Kennedy’s and all their secrets) won’t tell Cadence what happened, and her cousins (The Liars as they call themselves) are no help either. Throughout the story, Cadence pieces together what happens that year and is shocked when she learns the truth.

I actually had the plot figured out from the beginning, but was doubting my predictions the entire way through. I really enjoyed reading the story though, and am looking forward to reading more from Lockhart.

Next on my reading list?

I am going to challenge myself to read a classic – think high school English class. I actually was one who did all of my literature readings in high school, but am interested in reading another one. Any suggestions?

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