Meals for the week 2-28 to 3-6

Somehow it’s March, and I have no idea how we have gotten here! While the days of winter were long, the entire season has gone by incredibly fast. I keep telling myself that it will only be about another month or so until I get to start my afternoon walks with the girls again – I can’t wait for that to happen!

I have absolutely nothing to show for this weekend – except for some anxiety and a partially vacuumed house. We took it easy for the most part, only venturing out to go meet my new friend Kiersten for brunch on Saturday with her twin girls, Madison & Taylor (who are only a week younger than E&B!). While we should have taken a picture of the insanity four toddlers and two mommies was, I’m sad to say we didn’t.

Other than that, we really focused on trying to get the girls rested and better. Things were pretty quiet around these parts last week – not only was it just a ridiculous week, but the girls were sick…. again. It turns out that Aubrey (my niece & the girls’ BFF) has a double ear infection as well as pneumonia (after a scary ambulance ride on Saturday afternoon because of some fever related seizures), so I’m hoping the girls’ colds don’t turn into anything worse. Thankfully Aubrey is doing just fine, and she didn’t have to be admitted into the hospital. Both of the girls are going to the doctor with my mom today when Emerson gets her stitches out so that they can both be checked out to make sure they’re on the mend. Winter, you can leave now. ;)

And yes, Emerson has two pacifiers… in fact, she has to sleep with THREE. Gah, how did we get here, and how the HECK am I going to break her of her beloved pipeys!?!?

I’m hoping this is calmer week than last. Maybe I should blame the craziness of last week on the fact that it was the first week in a really long time that I didn’t meal plan. While that would be ludicrous, that would at least make me feel a little better – ha! I have some delicious meals planned for this week – some are repeats from months past, and some are new. I hope they give you some inspiration for your dinners this week!

Saturday – take out

We ended up getting some sushi (for me) and hibachi (for John) once the girls went to bed. It was delicious!

Sunday – oven baked chicken fajitas

Monday – BLT’s & roasted vegetables

Tuesday – one pot spaghetti

Wednesday – one pot taco casserole

can you sense my love for “one pot” meals?

Thursday – leftovers

Friday – wing it/out/take out

Make it a great week, everyone!

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