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Growing up, I never had any issues with food. I could eat anything, never get sick, and go on with my life. In fact, I did just that – I ate the typical SAD (standard American diet) full of processed  and fast foods. During college, I started to have stomach problems after I ate certain foods. I really didn’t think much of it, but just figured it was the stress of college.

After I graduated in 2009, I moved back in with my parents. Around this time, in 2009-2010, I started having getting sick from different foods I was eating. It was really difficult to pinpoint just what was causing this distress, and I didn’t really look into it too much until November of 2010. At this time, I was bloated, getting migraines every day, had a rash all over my body, and was experiencing joint pain and emotional symptoms (irritable, etc.). I started to keep a food journal with the foods I was eating, how I felt after I ate foods, but wasn’t exactly sure what was causing the problem. I finally went and saw a holistic doctor who completed some tests and came to the conclusion that I am gluten and corn intolerant.

Going gluten free was one of the most challenging things I ever did to be perfectly honest with you. I won’t lie and say it was incredibly easy. It wasn’t until I became educated on what gluten was and what gluten is in did I finally start to get a hold on the gluten free lifestyle. It took me some time and I had to take baby steps in order to figure out what I could and couldn’t have. I didn’t go gluten free and the next day have the knowledge on how to bake a loaf of gluten free bread – it was NOTHING like that. It is a learning curve and the lifestyle is a lot of take a hold of. With that being said, it is quite manageable if it has to be done. In fact, most whole foods ARE gluten free! By focusing on real, whole foods, I was able to go gluten free with a bit more ease.

I never got blood tested to see if I had Celiac Disease. In order to do this, I would have had to eat gluten for a long period of time in order for the test to be accurate — this never sounded appealing to me at all!  I eliminated the gluten and corn out o f my diet, and it has made a WORLD of difference. I no longer experience those GI symptoms, my migraines disappeared (within a few days!), and I now only get rashes if I happen to “get glutened”. I also avoid most dairy, as my body really does not enjoy milk or cheese products.

Some great resource for gluten free information are the following:

Celiac Disease Foundation

Please remember that I am not a health professional and am not recommending you go gluten free if you don’t have to. Please see your health care provider if you suspect a gluten intolerance/allergy.

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