catch ups (ketchup?) and a winner

May 22, 2011


Weren’t expecting me so early today, were you?

That’s okay, just roll with it.

If you had a busy weekend (or were just outside enjoying the beautiful weather instead of reading my blog), I forgive you. Really, I do. In any case, I really think there are two posts you need to read if you haven’t done so already.

The Truth about Insecurities (part i)

The Truth about Insecurities (part ii)

In any case, I’m glad you’re here. Because I’m about to announce a giveaway winner! The winner of the book It Must Have Been Something I Ate and the three packets of Vega is…


Carrie of Moves ‘N Munchies! Congratulations Carrie! Get your mailing address to me, and I will send it across the big old Atlantic Ocean just for you. Or I just might end up on your porch in London. One of the two.

Have a great Sunday!

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