roasted butternut squash and chickpea pasta

December 1, 2011

Um, happy December?

November 30, 2011 014
I’m just in shock right now. Literal and utter shock. Not so much about the fact that I just finally used my last squash that has been sitting on my counter for the last two months, but about the fact that the last eleven months of my life have passed me by without a care in the world. 2011, where in the heck did you go? Did you even exist? Am I making you up? Let’s make this last one-twelfth of the year last a little longer please. Except for the part where I am trying to manage the behavior of 21 hyper children who can’t wait for Winter Break.

Me too kids… me too.

November 30, 2011 003 
So I’ve been thinking for a while about how I wanted to make a pasta dish with this squash. In fact, I’ve been plotting about it for at least two months while the poor butternut sat patiently on my counter while all the other squashii got used up before it. But then, you know, things happened — things like me not wanting to make dinner and having the Husband stop by my madre’s house to pick up chili so I didn’t have to cook. Or things like me craving refried beans so bad that a can of Trader Joe’s good stuff was all I needed to make me happy in the world. Or things like me just wanting to dip squash in as much ketchup as I possibly could — pasta was all too fancy and stuff.

Did I fail to mention all of those examples were from this past week? Somehow I’m missing 7 weeks worth of dinners where I did not use the b-nut to it’s optimal potential.

November 30, 2011 007
But then, today was December, and I thought December was as good a time as any to make butternut squash pasta — even though I made it in November because it was last night’s dinner. Have I lost you yet?

November 30, 2011 008

This was another one of those dishes I set down in front of the Husband and immediately began praying (perhaps out loud) that he would accept it, try it, and love it. I may have gotten a “what’s this orange stuff?” question — and after I lovingly told him that all unidentifiable orange food I serve has to be squash, he took a few bites.. and then a few more.. and then a few more.. and soon the plate was empty and being scraped with a fork.


November 30, 2011 001 
I was “mmm’ing” so loud while I was eating this that I may or may not have pretended not to hear the Husband tell me he really likes it best when there is meat in his pasta dishes.

Ignorance is bliss my friends.

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