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July 19, 2013

1. This heat is killlliiiinnnnngggg me. Okay, so really I shouldn’t complain because I’m not the one working outside for twelve hours every day like my husband, but oh my goodness. I refuse to walk outside right now. We are under a heat advisory, and I have been on my couch in the air conditioning as much as possible.

2. Yesterday at my doctor’s appointment, I made eight appointments for the month of August. EIGHT! Apparently when you’re pregnant with multiples, you have to start doing non stress tests twice a week once you hit 32 weeks. That’s a lot of time at the doctor’s office. My doctor also said she was going to schedule a c-section for me at 38 weeks “just in case”. Ummmmm if I’m still pregnant at 38 weeks, I think I’ll die. Obviously I’m incredibly dramatic, but 8 more weeks? Oh. My. Gosh. These two can keep cooking for another 6-7, but 8 is out of the question. 😉

3. Have you seen this recipe yet? I made it for dinner (minus the bacon and with whatever veggies I had) and OMG it was delicious. You need to make it. It’s going on my freezer meal list.

4. I’m not even ashamed to admit that I’m going to the 98 Degrees, Boyz II Men, and New Kids on the Block concert tonight. I’m most excited about 98 degrees. Love me some Nick Lachey.

5. On Monday night, my bedside lamp was making a funny noise. Charlie was absolutely terrified of it and continuously barked until I changed the light bulb (and then the noise stopped). On Wednesday night when I was reading, the goofy dog spent over an hour just staring intently at the lamp just to make sure it wasn’t on the verge of attacking.

6. My birthday is on Tuesday. Is it horribly pathetic that I told the Husband the only thing I wanted for my birthday was for a cleaning service to come in and deep clean our house? I’m going with no, but you can decide for yourself.

7. I promise the title of this post is not in some foreign language. You can figure it out, I’m sure. I’m feeling a little wacky today. 😉

8. Come on Baby Tooth! He’s due today, and I KNOW that Courtney is ready for him to get the heck out. You’re evicted buddy – your mama and daddy want to meet you!

9. That’s all I’ve got for you today. Happy Friday!

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