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April 21, 2015

Every once in a while, more lately than typically, I feel a need to hit a reset button. I’m not getting enough sleep (well, that’s sometimes unavoidable!), don’t have enough energy, and get pretty complacent with my healthy living. I was so “gung ho” in the beginning of the year about staying healthy and fit because of the awesome DietBet I hosted, but that feeling slowly faded away just like a New Year’s Resolution.

Guys, I need an intervention – namely with sugar and coffee. It’s bad… really bad. I have found over the course of the last year that I have needed more and more caffeine to really get moving, and what actually happens is I end up feeling more lethargic by the end of the day after a jittery afternoon pick me up. And let’s not get started on the sugar, okay? I’m all for enjoying treats – but this addiction to M&M’s isn’t so good for my body (inside and out).

So when Caitlin, a blogger and fellow twin mama, emailed me last week about participating in a challenge, I was all over it. Caitlin and I have been in contact for years – first as blogging buddies, then during the trials and tribulations of being pregnant, and then lastly as a fellow MOM (mom of multiples) trying to figure out this whole twin thing. She’s someone I know and trust, so when she offered to have me participate in an Advocare 24 Day Challenge, it seemed like the perfect fit. I have heard about Advocare over the years – they offer different health care lines with supplements/programs, but their 24 Day Challenge is by far the most popular.

The 24 day challenge is broken up into two phases – the “Cleanse” phase and the Max phase. During both phases you have supplements/vitamins to take along with eating a whole, clean diet. I was a little skeptical at first, but these supplements are really just vitamins specifically designed for the challenge. Caitlin also shared with me a little bit about the company, which definitely gave me a peace of mind about what I was putting into my body. The products have been created by a board of doctors who have over 260 years of experience combined, they  do not use additives or fillers in any of our supplements, and AdvoCare hired a 3rd party company, Informed Choice, to evaluate each any every one of the products.  They ensure that what AdvoCare says is in the product – is actually what is IN the product.

Above, I put the “cleanse” phase in quotations because it’s anything but a typical cleanse that you would think of. In fact, I found myself eating more food yesterday than I typically do! For the first 10 days, it is designed for you to eat clean, whole foods every 2-3 hours and to avoid foods with fillers, sugar, and dairy… oh, and caffeine. I told Caitlin that would be THE HARDEST part of this entire challenge. To be honest with you, it barely even phased me yesterday. Just the slightest headache after lunch, but I was able to push through it. That definitely surprised me.  During this phase I am taking a variety of vitamins and herbs to help rid my body of toxins, but I am NOT skimping on food… ever ever ever!

The second phase, the Max phase, are days 11-24, and they focus on vitamins and minerals to make your body feel the best. During this phase I will be taking a different array of vitamins and supplements, and some of the foods that I was supposed to avoid during the first phase (mainly dairy and black coffee if I would like) can be added back in if I feel it necessary.

I’m really excited about this guys! Not only do I have to make huge changes to what I already do, I’m excited to get the sugar/caffeine out of my system and see just how much of a difference it makes in my everyday energy level and mood. I downloaded the app to use on my iPhone (there’s an app for Android users as well!), and I really liked putting in my measurements/weight in the app – which reminds me, I should probably take a “before” picture!

So why not just focus on eating clean and taking my own vitamins/supplements? I already eat pretty well, but getting rid of excess sugar is what I really need to do. Also, it’s nice that there is a program out there that already has the vitamins put into a regimen (think amino acids and omega’s!). Plus, I also think I need the extra support and motivation from an outside party, and Caitlin is providing that! I’m always open to trying something new, and I want to adamantly say that this is not about losing weight for me. It’s about getting back to eating the way I feel best, kicking the sugar habit I have fallen into, cutting back on the wine, and resetting my need for caffeine to about 1 cup of coffee a day (because.. coffee!) instead of a cup at home as well as a huge coffee on the way to work (and maybe some more in the afternoon!).

Whether this is something you’re “into” or not, I always appreciate your support as I put myself out there in the things that I try. Thanks everyone – I’ll be checking in along the way!

Question: What would be the hardest food/drink for you to avoid during a cleanse such as this one?

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