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October 13, 2011

In my family, the only time we ever play games is at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

October 10, 2011 047
It’s always like – “oh we should play games tonight!” And then everyone gets excited. Then, after we have eaten for four hours straight and we can barely keep our eyes open because we are so exhausted, playing games just doesn’t seem like very much fun anymore.

So then there’s usually only one person who still wants to play games — most likely my father — and everyone else doesn’t want to play because we know crabby people = a lot of fighting during game time.

Nonetheless, we get those games out.

October 10, 2011 050
Once we pull those games out, our usual choice is Scattergories. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas, we pull up chairs to a huge table, fight about who is on whose team, and get out the timer. People scramble for pens, the Husband and I fight about me writing the answers because I’m left-handed (which makes it difficult for him to see the categories), and the first letter rolled will most likely be something weird like “u” or “i”.

No one likes those letters when they’re rolled — unless you get the list that has “a girl’s name” as one of your options because then you could pick something fun like “Ursula” or “Inez”.

Whatever — I’ll tell you the truth. We all end up having a grand old time and only get out the computer to check our sources at  a minimum of 37 times. It’s just how we roll. Then we all talk about how we never like playing games together because we all take it too seriously. Then we play again at Christmas.

October 10, 2011 055
I’m thinking though, that this year we should play $25,000 Pyramid. Mainly because I like categorizing things (Type A much?). Give me a category and I will list like you’ve never seen anyone list anything before.

Today’s category?

Things that are stuffed.

French Toast.

Teddy Bears.

Me after dinner.



Having stuffed foods just makes everything more enjoyable. It’s like you get two meals in one.

Right? Right.

October 10, 2011 048

October 10, 2011 058
And then when you’re done eating this, you can add yourself to the “things that are stuffed” list.

Question: Do you and your family enjoy games? Who is the most competitive game player in your family?

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