fun facts friday

June 22, 2012

1. For those that don’t know, I watch my niece one day a week for my sister during the summer. Yesterday we hit a milestone in our relationship. When my sister got home, I gave the baby to her and then walked past them to get my Kindle. When I walked past, she reached for me! This is BIG news people. I took her, got so excited, and accidentally scared her.Whoops.

2. My husband is going to kill me for this, but I’m thinking it might be worth it. My sister in law posted it on Facebook yesterday —look how cute he was! My five year old niece is like a clone of that picture — it’s crazy.


3. Some things I noticed about this picture: my mother in law still has that egg scale. My husband apparently never has worn shirts in his life. The Husband’s love for Cap’n Crunch started young.

4. I STILL have yet to catch up with The Bachelorette from Monday night — this needs to change.

5. I have a play date with Katie tomorrow — yippee! I haven’t seen her since Memorial Day weekend!

6. I watched Justin Bieber Around the World yesterday — don’t hate. Speaking of which, has anyone else noticed that MTV has only started to promote him and his music? I guess he has graduated from the Disney Channel. Since you know, he’s all of 18 and all.

7. I want to bathe in these.

8. Love this headband!

Knotted jersey headband tutorial from Love Stitched.

9. I want to tattoo this onto my Husband’s arm so he sees it whenever he puts his head down on his forearm when I annoy him. It will brainwash him. Muahhaha.


10. And going with the marriage theme, this is a great blog post!

These are awesome tips and advice!

11. On Tuesday night, when I went to bed to read/go to sleep, I didn’t even need my reading lamp on because it was still light outside. #pathetic

12. The winner of the Love Grown is #42, Julie!!!! Congrats girl, email me!

13. It’s Friday — enjoy the weekend!

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