fun facts friday (4/17)

April 17, 2015

1. Well, well well. Long time no talk, huh? I guess life just got in the way! I go through spurts of having so much to write about and wanting to write every day, and then other periods of time where I get kind of “meh” and Netflix wins over the 30-60 minutes every night I spend writing a post. Sorry you were all kind of on the back burner the past few weeks. 😉

2. We have been LOVING the spring weather here in the Chicago area lately. Every day has been in the 60’s-70’s which has meant that every day after school the girls and I have been going for long walks. The girls have also taken to playing outside in the backyard and love all the open space!

3. Are anyone else’s allergies horrible right now? I used to be a person where springtime allergies didn’t bother me, but this week has been miserable! My eyes have been itchy, my nose has been running, I have been sneezing like crazy. Blech, no fun!

4. While teaching when to use “who” and when to use “whom” this week, I realized that I would love to share his tidbit of information with you. 😉 “Who” is a subject pronoun, and if a question can be answered using “he”, then you use “who”. “Whom” is an object pronoun, and if the question is answered using “him”, then you should use “whom”. #grammarnerd

5. A few months ago my mom told me to get these bowls that suction to a table so the girls could use them without them getting them off the table/throwing them. So, I got them… and have used them… and my girls must be superhuman babies because they are able to get them off. :)


6. Has anyone else watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? OH MY GOSH. This Netflix original created by Tina Fey is so stinkin’ hilarious that I cannot even take it. I almost die of laughter every single episode I watch. It’s so funny – please watch it!

7. Do you know what I CANNOT wait for when we eventually move? (among other things in a new house, but this one might be the top pick) More than one bathroom! I despise having to wait to use the bathroom, and I can’t wait for more than one. House hunting is still a few months away, and remember my whole thing about patience? It’s not going so well! :)

8. This sweet little girl – if I let her, she would probably sit in one spot and look at books ALL day long.

FullSizeRender (1)

9. That’s all for today folks – have a great Friday and a happy weekend!

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