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April 7, 2015

Hey everyone! Long time, no talk! I got a little out of the blogging game when I was at home on break last week. It was full of fun filled days with the girls and friends, running errands, going to the zoo, and spending time with family. Overall, I’d say it was a successful break!

Getting up yesterday and heading back into reality wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it was going to be. Although it did remind me that in 8.5 weeks I won’t have to get up for anything for about 2 months. I am SO excited to spend my summer with my girlies – gah, I can’t wait!

Before I get too ahead of myself though, let’s back up and talk about Easter Sunday! We are so lucky to have most of our family right within a 20 minute drive of each other, so we were able to split our day between my family and John’s.

We started the morning with our Easter service at church which was awesome, as always. My church is always coming up with fun ways to get the visitors to come back, and this year they didn’t disappoint. If you’re interested – watch this Easter parody of Uptown Funk!

After church we headed out to my aunt’s house. I really wanted to get a good picture of the girls together, but they were NOT having it. They were crying for snacks and had just gotten up from a cat nap. This was the best I could do.

IMG_2396 IMG_2397 IMG_2400

I think Emerson is actually laughing in the above picture, but maybe B will feel better if I told everyone she was crying.

The girls opened up some Easter presents from their great-aunt and nana, and had a blast playing….

IMG_2402 IMG_2403

…. until Brooklyn fell and hit her head. ::sigh:: We were getting them changed into play clothes, and Brooklyn fell right into the bedroom door as I was opening it up for them to get up and go back to play. I guess Brooklyn just felt left out and wanted a scar just like Emerson’s. As evidenced from the above pictures of her crying and the below picture, girlfriend had a rough morning before her nap! Poor thing.


Thankfully this one didn’t bust open all the way, but it was pretty darn close to being an emergency room visit. After that, she wasn’t really too excited about playing and only wanted to sit on mommy’s lap for a while. But! It’s nothing Doc McBrooklyn couldn’t work past.


We ate a delicious lunch of ham, baked potato casserole, kale/brussels sprout salad, rolls, and pulled chicken. I was completely stuffed by the end of lunch, and the girls were more than ready for their nap.

After the girls went down, we laid around, enjoyed each other’s company, and ate some dessert (can we talk about the gluten free carrot cake my aunt made me and my mom? YUM!). Once the girlies woke up, it was about time to pack up and head out to stop number two of the day.

Once we got to my in-law’s, she was all ready for the girls to go on their own little egg hunt in her front yard. She “hid” the eggs, and the girls knew exactly what to do! They loved picking up the eggs and handing them to me. They especially liked shaking the eggs that had money inside!

IMG_2419 IMG_2416

We spent the rest of the afternoon before dinner outside enjoying the sunshine and warmth. Emerson found a new game to play with the bean bags – she LOVED picking them all up and putting them into the holes. Brooklyn was happy as a clam to just sit in the colorful chairs and observe… that is until she found out that she could explore their huge yard and I would chase her. That girl loves to be chased!

We sat down for dinner around 5:30, and we had another delicious ham dinner spread! The girls were not interested in much other than bread and fruit at this point – anyone else have a hard time with toddlers eating these days?

After dinner the girls enjoyed playing with the family, and we finally called it a night around 7:15. They were rubbing their eyes and so tired from the activities the day held.

After we got home, it wasn’t long before I was in bed relaxing and hoping for a good night’s sleep!

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!

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