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April 1, 2015

Man oh man – yesterday was a busy day! For the first time in what feels like forever I actually took pictures of the food I ate yesterday. And you know what that means – What I Ate Wednesday! As always, thanks to Jenn for hosting!

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Yesterday started early when Brooklyn decided she was up for the day at 5 AM. I’m blaming those pesky molars she’s cutting right now – I tried to bring her into our bed to get some more shut eye, but all she wanted to do was play and kick her legs and screech. So, up we were. Emerson decided to join the party around 5:45 so that her best girlfriend didn’t get too much alone time with mama. 😉

Breakfast was a piece of Udi’s gluten free toast with peanut butter and banana slices. I also had a nice big cup of coffee to go along with it!

Shortly after breakfast, I got the girls ready for the day, and we packed our things up and headed out. My mom took the girls for the day so I could tear the house apart doing some spring cleaning. My first task was definitely the girls’ room. We had so many clothes they don’t even fit into anymore as well as a lot of winter things that needed to be boxed up. Their bedskirts/bumpers got washed, their cribs got pulled out and wiped down, their fan was cleaned – it’s definitely a lot cleaner in there now!

When the room looked like the top left picture, I asked myself what in the world I got myself into and headed out to the kitchen for a snack. I had a little bowl of some Trader Joe’s trail mix to hold me over until lunch.


I powered through getting the girls’ room cleaned up and finally broke for lunch around 12:30. On the menu was a huge salad with chickpeas, red onion, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, and honey mustard dressing.


And no meal is complete without a little chocolate!


The rest of the afternoon flew by. I managed to get the front hall closet cleaned, change sheets on our bed, vacuum the house, and wash the floors. I could have kept going on to our own closet, but I figured I could save that for another day. I wanted to take the chance to go for a run while I could! The weather was beautiful yesterday – around 60 and sunny – so I did a quick 3 miles before I called it a day.

Once I got back from my run I had to take a quick shower before I ran to get the girls. I was starving, so I snacked on some more of the above mentioned trail mix. As seen below, I hated it.


The girls and I ran a few errands before coming home – I had to drop off some clothes to be donated as well as get a few things at the grocery store. By the time we got home, it was already time to get dinner on the table. Thankfully it was a leftovers night which made my life super easy.


Emerson loves to clink glasses and say “eeeeers!” (cheers)

Cheers indeed, girlfriend. It had been quite a day!

Dinner was one of our favorites – crockpot chicken tacos and refried beans. I had 3 tacos before I called it quits.  IMG_2354

Before the night ended I had a peanut butter spoon with a ridiculous amount of chocolate chips. Note to self – maybe get some more fruit in the mix from time to time? 😉

Today should be a fun day – it’s supposed to be 70 degrees and we are headed to the zoo!

Question: What is one food you probably eat too much of and another you should probably eat more often? You know, for health and all that jazz.

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